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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zohar Predicts Groups of Jews Today

Kikar has an interesting article about how Ribbi Shimon Bar Yohai in the Zohar predicted the 3 groups of Jews at the time of the Final Redemption based on the same grouping of Jews at the time of the receiving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai.

The Zohar in Naso 125a describes the groups:
  1. The first group is those called "Yisrael", i.e., those from the side of the Tree of Life.  When it says וַחֲמֻשִׁים עָלוּ בְנֵי-יִשְׂרָאֵל, מֵאֶרֶץ מִצְרָיִם, the word וחמשים is expounded to mean "50", as in the years of Yovel.  Of them, it says: במשך היבל המה יעלו בהר, meaning that those who are Talmidei Hachamim will be able to go up on the mountain (i.e., will be redeemed).
  2. The second group are Amei Ha'aretz, who value Torah, but have desires and sometimes listen to their Yetzer Hara.  Of them, it says: וַיִּתְיַצְּבוּ, בְּתַחְתִּית הָהָר - and they stood on the bottom of the mountain.  Hashem will give those from this group a choice: if they will serve the Talmidei Hachamim like a slave before his master, then they will be redeemed as well.  If not, they will perish in the exile.
  3. The third group are the Erev Rav.  Of them, it says: וַיַּרְא הָעָם וַיָּנֻעוּ, וַיַּעַמְדוּ מֵרָחֹק - they will stand far, far away from being redeemed.  They will see the Talmidei Hachamim with such a great honor, but they will be far from it.  They may try to join in and get close to Talmidei Hachamim, but it will not be allowed, as it says: לֹא-תִגַּע בּוֹ יָד, כִּי-סָקוֹל יִסָּקֵל אוֹ-יָרֹה יִיָּרֶה.  When the Erev Rav is separated from the Jewish people, it says: יְהוָה, בָּדָד יַנְחֶנּוּ וְאֵין עִמּוֹ אֵל נֵכָר.
And what happens before the Redemption while we are still in Galut?

The Zohar continues to say that the Erev Rav will be in charge and will treat the Talmidei Hachamim with derision like a dead and decomposing dog among them as the gemara in Sotah says: וחכמת סופרים תסרח.  The Erev Rav will put the Talmidei Hachamim in חרם.  The Talmidei Hachamim will be in pain, anguish, and poverty.  The Erev Rav will only give them "a set amount".  At the same time, the Erev Rav will live in wealth, prosperity, and tranquility.

Another Zohar (Beha'alotecha 150a) mentions a twist on the commonly-known Yissachar-Zevulun relationship.  This one says that Zevulun goes out in battle while Yissachar learns Torah.  Yissachar gets a portion of Zevulun's spoils of war while Zevulun gets a portion of Yissachar's reward for Torah learning and is blessed with success in battle.  The author of the article says that this is the true "equality of burden".


At Tue May 21, 11:24:00 AM 2013, Blogger Unknown said...

The fundamental fault, whose Darkness is the cause of all of the above symptoms, is ignorance of G-d's Intrinsic Existence, and His creation of everything something from nothing in every instant.

This was pre-ordained by HKBH in His most primordial Thought of creating the World (Olam from the word Helem - concealment).

Moshiach reveals in this world the truth that Israel, HKBH, and Torah are all One.

Then automatically all the negative yiudim in Sotah become positive,

In the true and complete redemption.

Right now.

At Tue May 21, 01:43:00 PM 2013, Blogger Esser Agaroth said...

TB Sanhedrin 97a expands upon this idea expressed in TB Sotah.

I recommend learning Qol HaTor, which I seem to recall you're already quite familiar with, no?

Em HaBanim Smecha says not to worry that these "treif birds" will only be in control of the Land temporarily.


At Tue May 21, 11:29:00 PM 2013, Blogger Jesterhead45 said...

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At Tue May 21, 11:32:00 PM 2013, Blogger Jesterhead45 said...

I can understand the 1st group / "Yisarel" / Talmidei Hachamim receiving honor and leadership, though considering that the Jewish people are meant to be a kingdom of priests and elevated to such a status in the Messianic era, how is it consistent with the 2nd group / "Amei Ha'aretz" being reduced to slaves for the 1st group in order for the latter to be redeemed?

At Wed May 22, 12:33:00 AM 2013, Blogger yaak said...


Being a slave to Torah scholars is by no means a degrading status. Think of Eliezer Eved Avraham and Tavi, the slave of Rabban Gamliel.

And anyways, it sure beats the alternative.

At Wed May 22, 10:17:00 AM 2013, Blogger Jesterhead45 said...


While it may not be viewed as a degrading status, how is it consistent with the idea that the Jewish people will be a kingdom of priests in the future Messianic era?

Or as has been mentioned in the Jewish Geulah blogosphere, that in the future the Jewish people will be at the status of Levites, Levites will reach the status of Kohanim and Kohanim will themselves be further elevated?

At Wed May 22, 10:22:00 AM 2013, Blogger yaak said...


I still don't see why you think these 2 ideas are mutually exclusive.


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