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Monday, June 30, 2014

BD"H - The Legacy of Eyal, Gil-ad, and Naftali

We all have received the heart-wrenching news that Eyal, Gil-ad, and Naftali were murdered, Rahmana Litzlan, by the inhumane Pereh Adam creatures that took them from the hitchhiking spot in Elon Shvut 18 days ago.  Their bodies were found near Halhul, which is north of Hevron.

Here is a roundup of various organizations' responses to this tragedy.  While some have rightfully called for revenge, revenge belongs to G-d - via His army, the IDF, or via other means.  I believe that for the vast majority of us who are not warriors, the response should be what the heavenly message is for us and how we can implement an ongoing Teshuva strategy.

There were unprecedented amounts of Ahdut in Kelal Yisrael in the past 18 days.  All segments of Jewish society - in Israel and throughout the world - came together in solidarity and to beseech Hashem for salvation.  We all knew that we are one people, but sometimes it takes something like this to be reminded.  What a Zechut that these boys had to have caused such a mass Teshuva movement so great that it even caused Yair Lapid to search for his grandfather's Siddur and pray!

The mothers and the fathers of the murdered boys were incredibly strong.  Facing such harrowing circumstances, it's hard to imagine what they were going through - and what they're going through now.  They each showed such Emuna and Bitahon in HKB"H that their hope lifted the nation and the world.  Rachel Frankel's statement that HKB"H doesn't work for us also hit home - especially now.  הצור תמים פעלו.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlit"a said:
They had a very great merit - thousands of Jews strengthened themselves in Mitzvot because of them. ... The prayers did not go to waste. This is a merit to their souls.

Rav Shalom Cohen Shlit"a said:
HKB"H has various ways of sanctifying His name in the world.  In these boys, the verse Bikrovai Ekadesh was fulfilled.  There is no doubt that they have a high place in Heaven.

Rav David Lau said:
The boys who were murdered Al Kiddush Hashem solely because they were Jews - are added to a holy and pure chain of members of our nation who were murdered throughout the painful history of the Jewish nation.

Two weeks ago, Rav Mordechai Malka Shlit"a from Elad told Eyal's parents that he was chosen as a Korban for Kelal Yisrael and that he appears to have a high and special soul.

The amount of Ahdut, prayers, and Teshuva surely made an impression in Heaven, and hopefully enough to have hastened the Final Redemption, which we all desperately await.

May Hashem very quickly #BringBackOurBoys when the Final Redemption and Tehiyat Hameitim occur speedily in our days, Amen.


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