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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Letter from the Boys

I am not sure who wrote this, but I found this in Hebrew on Kikar and it is quite moving.  [UPDATE: The Kikar comments say it was written by Elishuv Har Shalom.]  Please note: It is the author's view alone - it didn't say that this actually occurred.  I translated it from the Hebrew as best as I could.  Let me know if you have a better translation for some of the words and phrases.

Everything is now OK, really!

We're no longer afraid, we're no longer cold

Everything is OK, it no longer hurts

It is no longer dark and scary

We are free - not tied up

Far from those who want to destroy us

We are not crying, we are fortunate
They accepted us with songs and dances
Exactly like in the movies
We can really see everything from up here
It's too bad there isn't a camera - the view is simply breathtaking
We already met holy ones and supreme ones
Udi and Ruti Fogel brought us flowers
Shelly Dadon blessed us for peace
The Atias family baked us a giant cake
Full of merits upon our nation
Also, Rav Eliyahu learned Torah with us
He said a Hiddush that was really amazing
He hinted that the Redemption is close
Even King David plucked on the harp
He said "Thanks" to us for the bags-full of psalms that we brought with us
We asked for his autograph and he sweetened it with a song
It's really infinite here and everything is enlightening and perfect.

An angel came and told us that we must stay quiet from speaking
But good things will come upon Israel.


Do you remember that we asked why this was done this way?
And why the exile is so long?
Here, there are no questions.
Everything is understood.
There is a Creator to the world.

How nice are our brothers!
How the candles down there have caressed us
And the, what songs!!!
What? All for us?
What an investment!
What a special nation!

There is not much to tell because they hushed us up from speaking
But know - mothers of ours - that all the tears are gathered in a bag
None are wasted or went for nought - it definitely was not absorbed up
Everything here waters Gan Eden - everything is blossoming. There is no end to the flowers of hope
And Redemption that you will all see quickly

Good, we need to go - the angels are calling us to the Throne of Glory
We will request mercy and sweetening (Who knows? Maybe we'll meet Mashiah. We'll tell him to come. If we won't get so embarrassed, we'll sing him the song of Amir Benayoun: "Come! We've been waiting for you too many years. We've become crazy. We have no face at all - we just stand and waste away the whole time, so come!")

We're not invisible - we're just a little high up - yes, there above the clouds
We breathe in everything, we feel everything, and we hear you always..

And to the soldiers and the searchers and the entire House of Israel, we wanted to say "Thank you"
We so much wanted to give you a sign - to reveal where we were, but they told us that it is was not yet permitted as there were still more tears that needed to come down and there were more prayers that needed to break through.

They told us that you searched - that you overturned every stone
And for the operation had a name, "Return, o brothers"
Now we are asking

Return, return o brothers
Loving you very much and always around
Gil-ad, Naftali, and Eyal


At Wed Jul 02, 04:43:00 PM 2014, Blogger Devorah said...


At Wed Jul 02, 11:50:00 PM 2014, Blogger Devorah Designs said...

This is truly beautiful. The way I see it is that the boys were chosen. Someone recently told me that a neshama chooses what family, which parents, what status or whatever, maybe his name, what gifts he will have in this life to work on his tikkun with... BEFORE he comes down and is born into a human body. Maybe these three neshamot were asked, before they were born, if they will be part of this Special Mission to become Holy Martyrs which ultimately UNITED an entire country at THIS special time in Israel's history. Just a thought…that it was planned all along by Hashem for a higher purpose.

At Thu Jul 03, 05:09:00 AM 2014, Blogger Neshama said...

Oh, gosh, tears again!

The portion this week is Balak. He came to curse, but HaShem made him Bless.

Hamas comes to kill, and Hashem takes Kedoshim!

At Fri Jul 04, 10:20:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything is min HaShamayim! There are no coincidences. All that is happening is just to bring us to our Geulah Shleimah! These three boys are pure neshomot; maybe even the reincarnation of three of our great ancestors.


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