Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Deif YM"S

Israel targeted Mohammed Deif YM"S.  His wife and son died in the explosion.  Some say he died too.  Some say he didn't.  I tend to believe the first version, but even if he wasn't killed, he was dealt a serious blow.

Rabbi Lazer Brody reminds us that the mastermind of the kidnapping and murder of Nachshon Wachsman HY"D in Heshvan, 5755 was Mohammed Deif YM"S, and adds:
If he's not dead already, the snake with 9 lives will soon lose its head.
וְנִקֵּיתִי, דָּמָם לֹא-נִקֵּיתִי

Rashi comments:
"ונקיתי דמם לא נקיתי" - ואף אם אנקה אותם משאר עבירות שבידם ומרעות שעשו לי דמם של בני יהודה לא אנקה מהם אימתי תהיה זאת בזמן שהקב"ה שוכן בציון
[Even if I will wipe them clean from other sins that they [i.e., the nations] committed and evils they did to Me, the blood of the children of Yehuda, I will not wipe clean from them. When will this occur? When HKB"H dwells in Zion.]

We are nearing that time that Hashem will punish the wicked and avenge the blood of His people.

Metzudat David comments:
"ונקיתי" - ר"ל אף שאנקה את העכו"ם מעון החמס במה שישראל ישובו לקחת מהם כספם וזהבם הנה עון שפיכת דמם לא אנקה בכופר ממון כ"א בדם שופכו
[In other words, even though I will wipe clean the idolaters from their sin of (Heb. Hamas) thievery in that Israel will retake their silver and gold from them, nevertheless, the sin of murder I cannot wipe clean via a monetary absolution payment - rather, only with the blood of the murderer.]

The Wachsman family was awarded $25 million from Iran, but that does not wipe clean the sin.  Only when the murderer is killed will there be justice.

נחשון מרדכי בן יהודה אריה וקסמן [Nachshon Mordechai Ben Yehuda Aryeh Wachsman] is the gematria of 1242.  Add the 19 years waiting for justice to occur and you have 1261.

וְנִקֵּיתִי, דָּמָם לֹא-נִקֵּיתִי is the gematria of 1261.

כֵּן יֹאבְדוּ כָל-אוֹיְבֶיךָ, יְהוָה


At Thu Aug 21, 06:47:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray and wait for the main snake to die -- Emir Katar haRasha then it will be known that the power of SM is down.


At Thu Aug 21, 12:02:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the snake with nine lives?

At Thu Aug 21, 12:33:00 PM 2014, Blogger yaak said...

Rabbi Brody was referring to Deif himself.

At Thu Aug 21, 02:27:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I figured that. Let me rephrase: what is the mekor for the reference to the "snake with nine lives"?

At Thu Aug 21, 03:38:00 PM 2014, Blogger yaak said...

I don't think there is any Jewish Makor for it that I'm aware of. "9 lives" is a secular myth regarding a cat. He's applying it to this Rasha, who is a snake.


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