Monday, February 23, 2015

Rare Footage of the Hafetz Hayim Uploaded to Youtube

One of the most popular posts of the past 10 years was the post I entitled "Will the Real Hafetz Hayim Please Stand Up?".  In that post, I posted 3 known or not-so-known pictures of the Hafetz Hayim:

Also in that post, someone commented that reportedly there was another picture of the Hafetz Hayim (found here) from a 1917 Rabbinical conference in Warsaw.  There, the rabbi seated near the center without a hat, but with a very large Kippa is reportedly the Hafetz Hayim (this is not verified, but possible):
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Now, as reported on various websites, we have a video of many rabbis gathering in Vienna in 5683/1923 for the first Knessia Gedola.  Included in that video is footage that shows the Hafetz Hayim ZT"L walking presumably toward the conference.  Another youtube video that was edited further to only show the Hafetz Hayim walking was also made (h/t Fred, who took stills).  See that video below:


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