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Rav Fish: The Geula is at the Doorstep - Are you Ready? Part 1 of 7

From Rav Fish's special newsletter

Rav Azriel Tauber Shlit"a tells over that once, when he was in a concentration camp during the dreaded Holocaust, the suffering was too much to bear: afflictions, beatings, degradation, poverty, the loss of perished family members, starvation.  And then he asked, "Do you know how we were able to hold on with all this suffering?"  And then he answered and said, "What strengthened us was the hope for Redemption.  We knew that Mashiah comes from suffering and hardships and we had trust and faith that behold Mashiah would come and free us from the Nazis YM"S and the suffering would be over."

Unfortunately, nowadays also, the situation is difficult - both physically and spiritually - and we see that Am Yisrael is suffering - each one with his own suffering.  Some with livelihood, some don't see Nahat from their children, some with mental issues, there are many orphans and widows Bar Minan, the hospitals are packed from the abundance of patients, etc....  And it's obvious that they are the birthpangs of Mashiah that Haza"l informed us that we will traverse them before Mashiah comes.  As it is written in the Sefer Ilma (by the holy Ramak) - here is a summary of his words:
At the end of our exile, close to the time of our Redemption, the troubles for Israel will strengthen to the epitome of strength, and it will be trouble for them...from the great troubles that will surround them from all directions....  And the reason why the Shechina will judge Her house [the Jewish people] and bring them to the tradition of the covenant is to purify them towards Redemption and toward the good that is promised to us through His prophets.  And the measure of that goodness cannot be fathomed by mind or idea so much so that the redemption from Egypt will not be remembered before the Redemption of Israel [in the future] ... And everyone according to his debt [sins] will be pained, and anyone who will be stubborn and not repent will lose out, whereas anyone who lays his neck out with the yoke of repentance and acceptance of the troubles with a smile and gives his shoulder to bear [the burden of suffering] will be purified and will merit.
 And I remember hearing a lecture from Rav Mordechai Neugroschel Shlit"a, who told over that one day, he decided to give a special lecture about the Redemption and the End of Days, and when he informed this to the organizers, he told them that they should expect a full house in the lecture hall.  He explained that because today, the vast majority of people have very much given up on their situation - both spiritually and physically - and one of the subjects that very much strengthens the community is the topic of Redemption and the End of Days.

Therefore, I decided to compile a number of sayings of Haza"l and many wonderful statements heard from the great Tzaddikim of our generation - the generation of the Redemption - that clearly show that we are actually standing at the doorway of Redemption in order to strengthen the hearts of the Children of Israel, who are comparable to fine gold, to hold on and pray for Redemption with mercy.

And since the essays were said in many places and there is a great scattering [of information], which causes blurring of the heart, therefore, I decided to compile the main ideas briefly and to make the puzzle into one big clear picture that clearly shows that we are currently at the end of the exile, really close to the revelation of Mashiah Tzidkeinu, and this I will start with Hashem's help.

[To be continued...]


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