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Rav Fish: The Geula is at the Doorstep - Are you Ready? Part 2 of 7

From Rav Fish's special newsletter

Continued from Part 1

The Iranian Threat and the Deal with the US

In Midrash (Yalkut Yeshaya 499):
Rabbi Yitzhak said: The year that King Mashiah will be revealed, all the kings of the nations will provoke each other. The king of Paras (Iran) will provoke an Arab king (apparently, Saudi Arabia) and the Arab king will go to Edom (America supporting Saudi Arabia), to take advice from them.

Then, the King of Paras will go ahead and destroy the whole world (nuclear bombs). And all the nations of the world will tremble and be panicky and will fall on their faces. And pains like birth pangs will take hold of them.

And Israel will tremble and be panicky and will say "Where will we come and go? Where will we come and go? (To where can we run away from a nuclear bomb?)"

And He will say to them: "My children, do not be afraid! Whatever I made, I only made for your benefit! Why are you afraid?

Do not be afraid! The days of your redemption has arrived!"

And similarly we see today great tension between Saudi Arabia, Iran, and America. And I heard that President Obama said that he has no problem attacking Iran.

And even though they are trying to make an agreement with Iran, this will not work for them, and a great war will develop from this. As is brought down in the book "Yalkut Oheiv Yisrael" in the name of the holy rabbi of Apta ZY"A that:
In the End of Days, the nations of the world will want to fight against each other, but they will think and contemplate that by doing so, it would benefit Israel (meaning, if they will destroy Iran). So, they will all gather together to iron out differences between them so they will not need to fight (i.e., the Iran deal). However, this will not help them, and they will end up fighting each other until they reach their end.
And he concluded that it is permissible to say this matter in his name as if he is saying it in the name of a prophet.

Similarly, it is understood in the book "Or Yakar" p. 122 by the Ramak 500 years ago that he wrote amazing things:
And all the nations will gather and make a plan of peace (deal with Iran) between them and they will turn to Israel to destroy because they established for themselves a government (the State of Israel), and a time of trouble will come to Jacob, but it will not come to a crisis, but rather, from it, he will be saved.

On the Sixth, Sounds.  On the Seventh, Wars

And all this is happening in the current year, which is the Shemita year of 5775.  And it is similarly explained in Messechet Megilla 17b.  The gemara there asks: why did Haza"l see fit to say the blessing of redemption as the 7th blessing of the Amida?  Rabba says: It is because they will be redeemed in the 7th year in the future - that is why they established it in the 7th blessing.  The gemara asks: Didn't master say, "In the sixth year, sounds.  In the seventh year, wars.  In the year after the seventh, Ben David comes." ? (So how could you say that we are redeemed in the seventh when we see we are redeemed the year after the seventh?)  The gemara answers that the war is the beginning of the Redemption.

(And at first glance, how could the gemara say that the war is the beginning of the Redemption when wars generally bring destruction?  Rather, we must say that when we see that there is a great war in a Shemita year, we will know that we are being redeemed.  And then, inside, we will feel something similar to a personal and general Redemption and the beginning of the joy of Redemption will begin to blossom.)

And it is similarly brought down in Messechet Sanhedrin 97a that in the sixth year, there will be sounds and in the seventh year, there will be wars.  And Rashi there explains that when it says there will be sounds in the sixth year - in his second explanation: "Sounds from Shofar blowing, as it says 'that a great horn shall be blown'."  And it's known and publicized that during 5774, which is the sixth year of the Shemita cycle, there were Shofar sounds in many places in the world.  And scientists tried to find and research from where the sounds originated, but could not find their source.  And if we calculate the data until now, things are exceedingly amazing in their exactness how everything is occurring as is written in Haza"l and in holy books.

[To be Continued...]


At Sun Jul 05, 06:53:00 PM 2015, Blogger Leah said...

Keep it coming

At Sun Jul 05, 07:56:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks. we need all the spiritual and moral strength we can get to keep us going amidst all the turmoils.

At Mon Jul 06, 04:47:00 AM 2015, Blogger Esser Agaroth said...

Very interesting, and uncanny connections.

At Mon Jul 06, 09:29:00 AM 2015, Blogger DS said...

Great ! Spread the word to the Rabbanim in America, they are asleep at the wheel - I mean those that tell the folks to stay put.

At Mon Jul 06, 12:40:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And it's known and publicized that during 5774, which is the sixth year of the Shemita cycle, there were Shofar sounds in many places in the world. And scientists tried to find and research from where the sounds originated, but could not find their source."


At Mon Jul 06, 01:26:00 PM 2015, Blogger yaak said...

Anonymous 12:40,

See here, for example. There are a whole bunch of similar videos on youtube. While some may be hoaxes and others easily explained, there are others that are neither.


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