Friday, November 18, 2016

Huckabee for Israeli Ambassador? The Very Good and the Very, Very Bad

Mike Huckabee would make an amazing, yet terrible pick for ambassador to Israel.

He is staunchly pro-Israel, he is well-spoken, and agrees with Israel's position on settlements.  In fact, he is probably further to the right than Israel's position on settlements.  Such a person is exactly what Israel needs.  What could be wrong?

Well, Jewish Israel can tell you the problem.


He denies the rumors.


At Fri Nov 18, 01:12:00 PM 2016, Blogger yeshivish said...

Why would it also be a terrible pick?

At Fri Nov 18, 01:21:00 PM 2016, Blogger yaak said...

Click the link.

At Sat Nov 19, 06:02:00 PM 2016, Blogger J. Eric Andreasen said...

Picky, picky

At Sat Nov 19, 07:34:00 PM 2016, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree that he would be a bad choice. SOI has allowed missionaries to freely missionize and they have made big inroads, r'l. Jewish Israel has been exposing everything that is going on and is purposely not being publicized by the mainstream media. Would suggest that all Jews who read this blog and other great Jewish blogs also read 'Jewish Israel' to keep up with the chilulei H' that is going on.
Huckabee speaks nicely but he is a religious fundamentalist and their goal is obvious and he shouldn't in be connected in an official capacity to Israel.


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