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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Ever Given and the Livyatan

The world's ships experienced being stuck in Mitzrayim over Pesah not being able to traverse the narrow Suez Canal - until they finally experienced freedom to move around in the middle of Pesah and were able to have their own יציאת מצרים.

The Ever Given is one of the largest container ships in the world.  It got stuck in the Suez Canal for 6 days, including over the first days of Pesah, without being able to float freely, totally blocking maritime traffic in the canal.

The Livyatan is the largest sea creature ever created by Hashem.  It occasionally places its tail in its mouth (see Rabbeinu Tam to Iyov 26:13) and closes off all the seas.  

The Malbim on Bava Batra 74b says that there are 2 Livyatans (based on Yeshaya 27:1) and each Livyatan refers to a world power before the End of Days.  In the Malbim's time, it referred to Britain and America.  Britain controlled its 2 passageways to the Mediterranean: the Straits of Gibraltar and the Suez Canal - while America controlled the Panama Canal.  The Malbim connects this to the gemara in Bava Batra 74a (where it says that "water scattered from its two gills like the two rivers of Sura") and notes how the Livyatan of Britain had the power to enforce a blockade in either the Straits of Gibraltar or the Suez Canal. 

Fast forward 150 years and Britain's imperialism has diminished.  But the waterways and its large ships remain.

If we spell the Ever Given with a Yiddish transliteration, it would be spelled עווער גיווען - which has the gematria of 497.  That is the same as the gematria of לויתן plus the kollel.

One can also take the word לויתן and split it up as ל"ו יֻתַּן or spelled out as לעולם ועד יֻתַּן - or Ever Given.

We also know that in the future, the Livyatan will be killed and forever given over to the righteous to be eaten.

May we merit to see that day very soon.


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