Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boyaner Rebbe Segula Miracle

Ladaat.net reports that an Avreich who lives in Beitar Ilit visited the Boyaner Rebbe, and to his surprise, was offered part of the Rebbe's Arava (from Hoshana Rabba) as a Segula for Shemira without asking for it. When leaving the Rebbe's room, he met his friend who was also from Beitar, who offered the first Avreich a ride home, and he accepted.

When they were leaving Yerushalayim, and going up on Patt St., there was a multiple vehicle accident where cars both in front and in back of their car were heavily damaged, but these 2 Avreichim miraculously were saved.

The first Avreich took out the part of the Rebbe's Arava from his pocket to show what helped to save him, and much to his surprise, the second Avreich also took out a part of the Rebbe's Arava from his pocket as well.

No one remembers any other time 2 people received this segula unrequested on the same day.


At Wed Jul 01, 12:44:00 PM 2009, Anonymous shaya g said...

isn't there another geersah of this that says Arva instead of arava? hee hee hee


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