Monday, May 09, 2011

Links You May Find Interesting

Devash tells us where Modern-Day Egypt is, and then closes her blog.

Rucho Shel Mashiach and Elder of Ziyon note that Nasrallah is on the run. RSM also notes the earthquake that occurred after Iran turned on Bushehr.

EoZ also has pictures of surprising "American patriotism" in Pakistan.

Kulmos has some Noteworthy Observations about the date of Mohammed's death, along with Kabbalistic posts about Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzma'ut.

Shirat Devorah links to an old post of mine that mentions Persian magicians (from, who gets it from Rashi in Sanhedrin 98a ד"ה אמגושי) and connects it to accusations that Iran's president uses sorcery.

Rafi talks about G-d's sense of humor on Satmar. Akiva also weighs in on this.


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