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Monday, November 26, 2012

Great Miracles from Pillar of Cloud

Ladaat has a regular piece by Rav Avishai Ifargon that is always interesting.  This week, he notes the numerous miracles that HKB"H performed during this 8-day war and that it is no coincidence that it occurred in the same month as Hanukka.

Some of his main points:
  • It was not uncommon to hear "Nes Gadol", "Baruch Hashem", "Nissim Geluyim", among other phrases on secular radio.
  • There are many miracle stories, like the unexploded rocket on the roof, the busdriver who got everyone off the bus seconds before the bus was heavily damaged by a rocket that landed nearby, the fact that no one was killed from the bus bombing in Tel Aviv, the heavily-damaged building in Rishon Letzion where injuries were minor and few, and many more. 
  • Less than 4% of the rockets hit populated areas.
  • Iron Dome is also a miracle, but one that is dressed in "nature".
  • The fact that Iron Dome was successful almost 90% of the time surprised many when they originally thought that it would only work 10% of the time.
  • We need to show gratitude to Hashem for the miracles He does.  King Hizkiya was denied becoming the Mashiah for not sing praises to Hashem as King David did (Sanhedrin 94a).  Therefore, when we thank Hashem for His kindnesses, we can hasten the Geula.


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by Reb Nesanel Levi at Mystical Paths

Here is something very interesting. The sum total of the numbers of chapters of Tehillim (Psalms) in Tikun HaKlali (Rebbi Nachman of Breslev's General Spiritual Repair, a particular set of 10 Psalms in a particular order) are the words "Iron Dome" (in Hebrew "kipa barzel").

This is inclusive repair or if you will total spiritual repair given to us by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. They are the following perakim of Tehillim, verses of Psalms 16+32+ 41+ 42+ 59+ 77+ 90+ 105+ 137+ 150= 749.

Which equals 749, the sum total gematria of the words "kipa barzel" exactly! Our Iron Dome is total Ruchniut! It is totally spiritual! For the true weapons of the Jewish people are not physical.

This is our protection! Please say them for Am Yisrael now!

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