Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Geula Update from Rav Fish - Nitzavim/Vayelech 5773

From Rav Fish's latest:

  • וּכְכַלּוֹת נַפֵּץ
    • When it says in Daniel: וּכְכַלּוֹת נַפֵּץ יַד-עַם-קֹדֶשׁ [and when they have made an end of breaking in pieces the power of the holy people] and Rashi says it means when Israel will be downtrodden and lowly, it will start to happen. Also, the book "Nifla'ot Mitoratecha" says it means to remove the Nun, Peh, and Tzadi from מנצפ"ך and we're left with מ"ך, meaning poverty.
  • Torah Code:
    "Lapid", "Bennett", "Budget Cuts", "for Hachamim", "5774" along the verses וישימו עליו שרי מסים and וימררו את חייהם
  • 5774 Rashei Teivot
    • R' Betzalel Loiberbaum: תהא שנת עוזר דלים
    • R' Emanuel Lopez: תהא שנת עקבתא דמשיחא
  • 1775 Vavim and 5775
    • The Ariza"l understands from the verse that the 1775 is split up as 1000 + 700 + 5 + 70 - in that order - as corresponding to the 4 letters of Hashem's name. Since the main idea of exile is to rectify the ווין, therefore, the "5" corresponds to the ווין of the ווין, which is the letter ו in Hashem's name. They therefore correspond to the hardest years of our exile: 5701-5705.
    • Shemot Rabba Perasha 51:
      When the Mishkan was completed, Moshe told the people, "Come, I'll make an accounting." That is why it says, "These are the accounts of the tabernacle..." When he sat down and counted, though, he forgot the 1,775 Shekel of silver was made for the hooks for the pillars. Moshe started wondering and saying that the people will have basis to accuse him of stealing it. What happened? HKB"H enlightened his eyes and he saw that they were made for the hooks of the pillars. At that moment, all of Israel was appeased over the work of the Mishkan.
      We see that Moshe Rabbeinu had some Yissurim from the 1775 Shekel of silver by forgetting what happened to them. This is symbolic of the 1775 years of exile [since the year 4000]. Then, he remembered what happened and all were appeased. This symbolizes the appeasement and consolation that will occur after the 1775 years.
    • Torah Code:
      "The date has fallen, 5775 Eliyahu" (נפל also being a nickname for Mashiah)
  • Ramha"l on MBY's Time

    • Ramha"l says (Tikkunim Hadashim #8):
      ומשיח בן יוסף נמי ביומא שתיתאה בתר פלגו דיומא אתחזיאת ליה מותא, לאתקנא תיקונא שלים. ומתמן ולהלאה יתחברון תרין אילנין כחדא למיהוי בשלימו חד.
      We see that he holds that the last time for MBY is Hatzot of the sixth millennium, and the last part of this Hatzot period is Minha Gedola.
  • Importance of Learning Zohar in Our Days
    • Try to imagine if we would suddenly find a jug of healing herbs and tied to the jug is a note from one of the Tanna'im that these herbs can be used to heal an incurable disease. Would there be any person in the world who has this disease who won't try this cure if he has no other chance of living? Kal Vahomer Ben Beno Shel Kal Vahomer when many hundreds of years ago the Zohar was found in the ground, in which Ribbi Shimon Bar Yohai ZY"A instructed his student - Ribbi Abba - to write down the words and to hide it for the last generation - which is our generation, the generation of Redemption - so that this learning will bring healing and salvation from the awesome dangers that stand before us and will save the life of the entire generation. If there's someone who has not yet tried the cure, one should at least learn the revealed parts of the Zohar and the parts that can be understood by all.


At Tue Sep 03, 04:14:00 PM 2013, Blogger in the vanguard said...

Ikvseh deMoshicha? We're already long into Ikvseh de'Ikveseh de'Moshicha!!

At Tue Sep 03, 04:18:00 PM 2013, Blogger yaak said...

Yeah, good question. I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps, the final footsteps are implied.

At Wed Sep 04, 12:07:00 AM 2013, Blogger Genoism said...

the only thing i disagree with you is on the importance of learning zohar today....See the requirements laid out for us before one can learn the zohar. You will see that you would be lucky to find a handful of such people in todays age.


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