Friday, September 12, 2014

Bavel's 70 Years Redux

Are the 11 Years Between Wars in Iraq Mida Keneged Mida for 11 Years Between Babylonian Exiles?

King Yehoyachin was captured by Babylonian forces and exiled in 3327 along with many Jews.  The Beit Hamikdash was destroyed by the Babylonians in the year 3338.

The US waged war against Iraq in 5763 and captured Saddam Hussein YM"S in 5764.  The US is again waging war against ISIS in 5774 going into 5775.

Just some food for thought.

(See the prophecies about Bavel's destruction: Yeshaya 13-14 and Yirmiya 50-51.)

Megila 11b says that Ahashverosh erred in calculating the 70 years of Bavel too soon.  He started his calculation from when King Yehoyachin was exiled and not from the year of the Destruction, when King Tzidkiya was exiled.

Iraq gained its independence in 5693.  The Second Gulf War occurred 70 years later in 5763 (see the gog1 website for the calculation made then).  On the other hand, since British forces remained in Iraq and controlled it until 5708, it may not be so clear.  It seems that these 70 years were also counted too soon.

Just like the real calculation then included a few years at the end in which Bavel was no longer in power (rather, Paras and Madai were in power), similarly, the new modern-day calculation includes a time when Iraq was occupied by American forces until three years ago, at which time, a pro-Western army and government was set up to work independently.  This turned out to be very weak and much of Iraq has now been taken over by ISIS and America is returning, at least somewhat.

Alternatively, now that Iraq and Syria are joined together by an ISIS land grab along the Euphrates and beyond, we have to take Syrian independence into account.  Syria was supposed to gain its independence in 5697, but the French didn't leave until a year after WWII was over - in Nissan 5706 (actually, it's the 2nd day of Pesah!).  70 years later is Nissan of the Motza'ei Shevi'it year of 5776.


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