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Geula Update from Rav Fish - Tetzaveh 5775

From Rav Fish's latest:

  • Snow and Iran
    • [YY - Rav Fish had previously talked about the snow and its connection to the Redemption.]
    • Also, it came down into reality that there was a big snowstorm on Adar 1, 5775.  The newspaper (Hamevaser, Adar 3, 5775) wrote that the existence of snow for 3 years in a row only occurred in 5708, 5709, and 5710, when the State of Israel was established.  And from then on until the years 5773, 5774, and 5775, this had never occurred.
      • And we already brought down that 3x the gematria of שלג [snow, which equals 333] is טצ"ץ [equaling 999], which is connected to the the end of the period of MBY [as is brought down in Kol Hator] since טצ"ץ [plus the Kollel] is the gematria of משיח בן יוסף משיח בן דויד [MBY MBD].
      • [YY - What will be said here is similar to what is found on the Sod1820 site.]  R' Tzion David Siboni and R' Moshe Tzuriel add that שלג has the gematria of גרעין [nuclear] and hints to the situation today that the US is turning a blind eye from the Iranian nuclear development.
        • Also, the Israeli PM is going to deliver a speech in the US on this topic on Tuesday (3rd day) which is the 3rd day of the third month, according to secular counting - altogether making 333, which is the gematria of גרעין or שלג.
        • And there is great opposition from the US government to this speech.  And it comes out on Erev Ta'anit Esther, when in the Land of Israel, it will already be Ta'anit Esther, and it again awakens the spiritual war against the Persians just like it was in those days with the wicked Haman.
  • When?
    • The word מתי [When] with the letters is the gematria of מלך המשיח [the King Mashiah] to hint that the concept of asking "When?" was founded in order that people will constantly scream out, "When will the King Mashiah come?"
  • 5776 and Kaddish
    • [Kaddish is full of Geula references and is based on והתגדלתי והתקדשתי from the verses about Gog Umagog.]
    • The Rashei Teivot of the words כל ברכתא שירתא תשבחתא ונחמתא דאמירן equal 776.
    • R' Moshe Tzuriel adds that בעגלא ובזמן קריב ואמרו equals 776.
  • 5776 and sin
    • The word עון [sin] equals 776 when the ן is counted as 700.  
      • This hints that the concept of sin will only last until 5776, at which time all will do complete repentance.
    • Also, the word עון in the interchangeable letter method called At-bah (א"ט ב"ח) produces the word לדה [birth] to hint that then will be the birth [or new arrival] of Mashiah.
  • ISIS
    • R' S. Reiskin adds that the letters of the word דעא"ש [ISIS] come right before the word בעתה [in its time] when the letter ע is used for both.
    • Also, דע"ש is the gematria of אחישנה [I will hasten it].
  • More on the Har Nof Terror Attack Synagogue's Mezuza from last week
    • [Recall that the mistake was on the word ובקומך]
    • R' Meir Pinto adds that the letters בקו"ם hint to murderers from Yishmael, as is brought down by Rav Hayim Vital on the verse בקום עלינו אדם that the word אדם refers to Yishmael, who is called a פרא אדם [a wild ass of a man].
    • Also, the first and last letter of the word ובקומך is the gematria of Hashem's name to hint that the victims merited to sanctify the Name of Heaven.
    • R' Levi Yitzchak Lederman adds that the ו was turned into a ז, which symbolizes כלי זין [weapons] and hints to the word גרזן [ax].
    • And we will bring down a table where we see the word ובקומך cutting through the phrase הויה ינקם [Hashem will take revenge] and next to it is הר נוף [Har Nof] and also contains מחבלים [terrorists] and תשע"ה [the year 5775].


At Wed Feb 25, 07:46:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ז=seven people who were killed or seriously injured

At Wed Feb 25, 07:51:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

5773,5774,5775 the years of the cursed 19th knesset. Snow is not a good sign. Snow shows us that there was a great hashpa'a that we could've had, but lost it.

At Wed Feb 25, 11:06:00 PM 2015, Blogger Devash said...

Boston Tops 100 Inches Of Snow In Record-Setting Winter

The US has been hit storm after storm after storm this winter with no letup. Snow and ice and sub-freezing temperatures. But, the news seems to report Boston being the hardest hit of all. What is the message from that? What is it about Boston?

At Thu Feb 26, 03:12:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Yankev said...

The Rebbe said we need to shout "Ad Mosai"--"until when", which it turns out translates to "Ad Melech Hamoshiach"--"until the King Moshiach"!

This helps explain why in the sicha (Beis Nissan, 5748), the Rebbe says that "Yechi Hamelech" is included in "ad mosai".

At Mon Mar 09, 01:13:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a dream on 10 Elul 5773, where both my twin and I were before the Ark of the Covenant. I was such in fear of being in its presence that I went up to it, laid my hands on the cover and said, "Elohim, please do not curse me!" I saw the tablets through the cover. After this suddenly I saw blood on the east face of the Ark. Then my twin and I stood on the Ark, and in that moment I said "we are standing on the Ark as did the Cherubs. From there my twin and I climbed out of the cave chamber where the Ark was and we walked through this great house. I said to my twin and we neared the door, "we must be something for the Ark to be in our house".

Its quite impressive I told my wife that months later there was a rare snow storm that covered Jerusalem, back than I said this was a sign of redemption. Nice to read your article.


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