Monday, September 21, 2015

The Best Time to Ask for Redemption

Rav Berger (my translation):
The holy Ga'on and Kabbalist Rav Hayim Palachi ZY"A writes about the holy and auspicious time of [Motza'ei] Yom Hakippurim in his book "Mo'ed Lechol Hai" [translating from the source]
... And if so, it is a time of gates of acceptance to redeem us a complete redemption for a time such as this when You are found together with us and we are Your nation - a la "I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me" - there was not found nor will there be found like this hour. And if so, we are not moving and going to our homes to eat and drink until You will redeem us. And there is no doubt that our prayers would be answered at this time and period.

However, after people want to hurry up and leave, "the posts went forth in haste" and to say the Ne'ila prayer quickly, and similarly, the Arvit prayer speedily and hastily in order to hurry up and leave the synagogue like a child who runs away from school, it's impossible to do such a thing [to request the Geula].

And even though they say that we are destined to be redeemed in Nissan and not now, nevertheless, the Redemption is like arising in the morning - little by little - as Haza"l say. And would it be so that the sparks of Redemption should start to sparkle from Motza'ei Yom Hakippurim.

And just because it is forbidden to fast [on Motza'ei Yom Hakippurim], there is still no halachic problem with this lengthy prayer since definitely, to expect redemption is more of an exhibition of exile than fasting for a dream [which is permitted], and anyways, we are not halachicly worried about a few hours.

Hashem, in His mercy, should place in the hearts of all His people Israel to return with complete repentance and we should merit an eternal Redemption. Amen, may it be His will.

And especially when this year, the Shofar blast of Motza'ei Yom Hakippurim heralds the Shofar blast of the Yovel year that begins this year, definitely, it is a time of acceptance when the verse should be fulfilled in us: "and proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof".


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