Friday, January 20, 2017

Partial Destruction of Roman Amphitheater in Tadmor by ISIS

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(CNN)ISIS fighters have destroyed part of the historic Roman amphitheater in the ancient city of Palmyra.
Syrian authorities say recent satellite images confirm renewed devastation in the ancient oasis city, according to a statement Friday from the Syrian Directorate General for Antiquities and Museums.
    "The imagery shows significant damage to the Tetrapylon and the Roman Theater, caused [as a] result of intentional destructions by ISIS," the statement said.
    It wasn't immediately clear exactly when the damage occurred, but officials say the new satellite photograph showing damage was taken on January 10, 2017.
    The jihadist group first seized control of Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in May 2015. Syrian regime forces managed to briefly push the militants out of the city last year.
    But Palmyra fell to ISIS again in December when Syrian troops pulled out and over 4,000 militants returned.


    At Fri Jan 20, 03:15:00 PM 2017, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I was wondering when you or Shirat Devorah are going to comment on this! I feel it's a good sign that Geulah is fast approaching.

    At Sat Jan 21, 03:27:00 PM 2017, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    CNN is fake news said by President Trump :)

    At Sat Jan 21, 09:44:00 PM 2017, Blogger yaak said...

    When it comes to politics and Israel, they are terrible. Otherwise, I have no reason to doubt them.

    At Sun Jan 22, 12:19:00 AM 2017, Blogger Esser Agaroth said...

    Was this amphitheater significant for Roman avodah zarah? Just for entertainment?

    At Sun Jan 22, 02:59:00 AM 2017, Blogger yaak said...

    I don't know. Wikipedia says that Nero put his statue there, but also says that it dates back to the second century CE, which is after Nero, so something doesn't add up.

    Regardless, it's both a destruction of Edomite culture and a destruction of Tadmor, both positive developments (see Yevamot 16a). HKB"H, in His great mercy, took Kana'im from other nations - and a vile one at that - to avenge the Hurban almost 2000 years ago. Both Rome and Tadmor are responsible and they are now getting their due.

    At Tue Jan 24, 06:16:00 AM 2017, Blogger Esser Agaroth said...

    Thanks. The reason why I asked was that Muslims have been doing the destruction of A"Z for us, such as those giant statues in Afghanistan (2001?), albeit we are patur from such activities (currently) outside of Eretz Yisrael.

    Plus, there wasn't nearly as much uproar over this, than over those statues 16 or so years ago.



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