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Monday, March 20, 2006

Tsunami Kabbalist Revealed


Daniel, the third-hand source of information coming from the tsunami-predicting Kabbalist, reports that his source can no longer attend the Shiurim of the kabbalist for personal reasons.

The Tsunami-Kabbalist's name is Rav Shimon Dahan.

Here's my translation of some of the rest of what Daniel said:

As I originally said when I brought the updates, one of the Tsadikim of the generation who is part of a known [Kabbalistic] dynasty, advises people to only learn Kabbala from him. This dynasty is the Abuhatzeira dynasty, and the Tsadik that I was speaking of was the Tsadik Bab Elazar - the son of the Baba Sali.

I said that he is not known on a national scale, and I'm sure that there aren't many who have heard of him (I myself had not heard of him at all until I heard about him from my source).

I said that a search on him on Google brings just 1 article, and he's only mentioned there in passing - but this is the article from Arutz Sheva. There, it just mentions him in passing.

I said that he was a student of Rav Nahmeini, and that is of course true - and it appears that he was very close to him.

I'm writing all this only so that you'll see that everything that I wrote was only the truth, and I tried to the best of my ability to always be precise.


I did what I could to bring you the updates from the rabbi as best as I could, but now, when it's no longer in my hands, I can do no more. Perhaps someone else can continue the updates (if the rabbi himself will continue them), but part of my Nisayon - with everything that different people say on the Internet, beware of imitations.

That's it. So long to everyone.

Thank you, Daniel, for all your updates.


At Mon Mar 27, 06:53:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel,
Thank you so much for having been such a good messenger;you gave us so much koah (force). May A. bless you for that and may we ALL TOGETHER see the coming of Mashiah today with NO SUFFERING. Amen

At Thu Apr 08, 08:41:00 AM 2010, Anonymous Eliyahoo William Dwek said...

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At Thu Apr 08, 08:42:00 AM 2010, Anonymous Eliyahoo William Dwek said...

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