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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Kabbalists Speak

Please excuse my blogging break.

Meanwhile, Dreaming has a translation summary of an article from NFC that tells about contemporary Mekubalim discussing the upcoming war and miracles that will happen to us.

Check it out!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Miriam's Well Discovered

Arutz Sheva, Ladaat, NFC, Dreaming, and others, I'm sure, are talking about the well of Miriam, which was recently discovered.

See Shofar, which compiled a list of Midrashic and Talmudic sources on Miriam and the well.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wouldn't It Be Nice If...

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of three weeks of mourning, we would experience three weeks of joy?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of mourning for the Beit Hamikdash, we would witness its glory?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of being forbidden to enter the holiest area in the world, we will have a Parah Adumah to purify us?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of using our prayers to replace the Korbanot, we would actually be able to bring Korbanot?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of mourning that the Tamid offering was nullified, we would experience its being offered every day?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of just saying Pitum Haketoret, we would be able to actually smell the Ketoret wafting through the air?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of counting our sins which would require a Korban Hatat, we would have the opportunity to actually bring one?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of being led by leaders who ignore or even trample on the Torah, we would be led by Mashiah Tzidkeinu?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of sounds of wailing on Tish'a Be'av, we would hear sounds of jubilation?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of living in the depths of exile, we will live in our Holy Land with a Beit Hamikdash in Yerushalayim?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of being tempted to sin by an evil inclination, such a temptation will be destroyed forever?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of doing Mitzvot that pertain to the land out of only rabbinic decree, we will do those Mitzvot from the Biblical command?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of refraining from eating meat and drinking wine during the nine days, it would be a Mitzvah to eat meat and drink wine during that time out of the sheer joy of the Tish'a Be'av holiday?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of the Shechina being hidden, it would return to its former glory?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of a time of Hashem's Face being hidden, we would witness miracles that will be greater than those of Yetziat Mitzraim?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of Jews being banned from certain parts of the Land of Israel, we will be able to live and move freely therein?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of days filled with suicide bombings, Kassams, and Ketyushas, we will have days filled with Mikra, Mishna, and Gemara?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of our holy vessels laying in the vaults of the Vatican, they would be used in the place where they belong?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of many questions and difficulties being left in a state of Teiku, those questions will finally be resolved?

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of saying "There is no solution to the situation in the Middle East", there will finally be a solution - one that I call "Plan M" - the Mashiah solution?

Yes, it sure would be nice. And it will happen. Soon, with Hashem's help.

לשום לאבילי ציון לתת להם פאר תחת אפר

Monday, July 02, 2007

Google Likes Me

When doing a google search for "Farfur Dead", the first result comes to a recent post on this blog. Yes, I'm Feeling Lucky.

Google likes me in other ways too.

Pinhas Story Explained

Shofar has an amazing Devar Torah about Pinhas, Zimri, Kozbi, and more by Rav Amnon Yitzhak, complete with Gilgulim and Tikunim.

Check it out! (Hebrew)

Call for Extra Selihot on 17 Tamuz

Israel's 2 chief rabbis have called for extra selihot to be recited on the 17th of Tamuz. Here's the quote from Arutz Sheva:
It is a time of trouble for Israel: Israel's enemies sound off and lift their heads in arrogance and conceit, opening their mouths wide with threats and terrorization. They boast of their desire to destroy the Jews; "they have consulted together with one another and made a pact against G-d... saying, Let us cut off Israel" (Psalms 83), and wish to war with us even as we are geared for peace.

We are in dire need of G-d's mercy and salvation; we have none on whom to lean except for our Father in Heaven. We must redouble our Torah study and observance of the Torah's commandments, with even greater strength and greater devotion - for "they come with chariots and horses, but we come calling in the Name of G-d" (Psalms 20).

We therefore hereby call upon the Nation of G-d to gather in synagogues on Tuesday, the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz, an hour and a half before the afternoon Mincha prayer, for the recitation of selichot [penitential prayers] and Psalms. Let us cry out with all our strength, and call to our G-d and the G-d of our fathers from the depths of our heart - for "G-d is close to all who call upon Him in truth" (Psalms 145).

May our cries arise before Him, and may G-d arise from His chair of strict justice and sit upon the chair of mercy. May He guide and lead us with compassion and kindness, for G-d's salvation can come in the blink of an eye. And may we see the fulfillment of this verse: "I will give peace in the Land, and you will lie down to sleep without fear... and no sword will pass through your Land." May this occur speedily in our days, Amen.

Signed and sealed:
Shlomo Moshe Amar, the Rishon LeTzion, the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel
Yona Metzger, the Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel

Analyzing Israeli Captives

I noticed 2 Hebrew-language articles about analyzing 2 different Israeli captives: Gilad Shalit and Yehuda Katz.

Mishpacha Magazine has an article (hosted on that tells of the voice-analysis of Gilad Shalit's recent audio that his captors released. A lot of interesting details are mentioned regarding that audio, such as the fact that the speech given by Gilad was translated from Arabic, that he's in good condition, and likely still in Gaza.

Shofar has an interesting article on the fate of Yehuda Katz, that 25 years after Sultan Ya'akob, there's evidence that he was taken alive.