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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

California Quake

Newsweek ran an article on the latest 5.4-magnitude ("Moderate") earthquake to rattle California. It quotes a seismologist as saying, "This earthquake was a warning."

The first question Newsweek asked the seismologist was:
First of all, can you tell us which fault produced this particular earthquake?
Putting aside plate tectonics, I'd like to give a guess at a few "faults" that the state of California has that may have produced the quake. Only Hashem knows the real reason, but here goes:
  • Hollywood and its continued promotion of immoral values
  • The recent California Supreme Court ruling overturning the ban on same-sex marriage (think Sedom, androlomusia, etc.)
  • Extreme radical anti-semitic elements on college campuses
  • The list goes on...

Of course, the state has its many Zechuyot as well. We'll have to see which ones win out. Remember, this one was a warning.

More from this seismologist:
The San Andreas Fault on average ruptures every 150 to 200 years over the last several thousand years, and it has not ruptured for about 340 years. So every morning we wake up we set a new record between large ruptures.


The way I look at events like this, other than making our afternoon crazy, is that this is really just a strong reminder to people that earthquakes can and will occur in this region that are 100 times larger in energy; some day the big one will in fact occur.

ה' ישמרנו מכל מיני משחית ומכל מיני פורעניות המתרגשות לבא בעולם


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