Monday, February 23, 2009

Me'am Lo'ez on Birkat Hahama

My havruta and I learn the Me'am Lo'ez, and we just happened to be in the middle of discussing the fourth day of creation, and we just happened to get to the part about Birkat Hahama tonight. (I was learning it in Hebrew, unlike the original Ladino that you see displayed to the right.)
Ribbi Ya'akov Chuli writes that at the time of his writing, it was the year 5489, which was a year of Birkat Hahama, but he didn't merit to say the beracha that year since it was too cloudy. The year 5489 is 280 (28 x 10) years ago.
As I mentioned previously, may we merit on 14 Nissan, 5769 to say the beracha for Birkat Hahama that morning and bring our Pesahim as Korbanot that afternoon.


At Mon Feb 23, 08:50:00 PM 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its worth it to purachse Hagon Rav Pinchas Zabichi Shlita new sefer "Ateret Paz" on Birchas Hachama, in it he writes that before he was going to publish the sefer, he went in to his Rebbi Maran Shlita and mentioned to him what the Ostravtza Goan says regarding Birchas Hachma on Erev Pesach re: Moshiach, and immediatly Maran started crying etc...


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