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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A "Rahel Imeinu Soldier" Speaks

Life In Israel, Mashiah is Coming, and Parshablog are talking about a soldier - Avner Azulai - who gave an interview about seeing Rahel Imeinu during Operation Cast Lead.

You can hear the interview here.

Notice at the 9:30 mark, the interviewer asks how the rabbis that this soldier went to talk to have related to the story.
The first thing the soldier answered was:
"אומרים שזה היה גילוי שכינה רגע לפני ביאת המשיח" "They said that this was a revelation of the Shechina a second before the coming of Mashiah..."


At Tue May 26, 08:07:00 PM 2009, Anonymous josh waxman said...

i'd still like to hear it directly from those rabbis, rather than from someone already suspect in my eyes because of the aforementioned irregularities...



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