Monday, February 22, 2010

Star Wars?

Shirat Devorah has a post with pictures that quotes World Net Daily, who suggests that a certain debris pattern could be shaped like a Jewish star.

To give you more information about this, the Hubble Telescope site says:
...Hubble also shows that the main nucleus of P/2010 A2 lies outside its own halo of dust. This has never before been seen in a comet-like object. The nucleus is estimated to be 460 feet (140 meters) in diameter.

Normal comets fall into the inner regions of the solar system from icy reservoirs in the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud. As comets near the Sun and warm, ices near the surface vaporize and eject material from the solid comet nucleus via jets. But P/2010 A2 may have a different origin. It orbits in the warm, inner regions of the asteroid belt where its nearest neighbors are dry rocky bodies lacking volatile materials.

This leaves open the possibility that the complex debris tail is the result of an impact between two bodies rather than ices from a parent body simply turning into vapor. Asteroid collisions are energetic, with an average impact speed over 11,000 miles per hour (5 km/s, or five times faster than a rifle bullet).

"If this interpretation is correct, two small and previously unknown asteroids recently collided, creating a shower of debris that is being swept back into a tail from the collision site by the pressure of sunlight," says Jewitt.

The main nucleus of P/2010 A2 would be the surviving remnant of this so-called hypervelocity collision. "The filamentary appearance of P/2010 A2 is different from anything seen in Hubble images of normal comets, consistent with the action of a different process," says Jewitt. An impact origin would also be consistent with the absence of gas in spectra recorded using ground-based telescopes.

The asteroid belt itself contains abundant evidence for ancient collisions that have shattered precursor bodies into fragments. The orbit of P/2010 A2 is itself consistent with membership in the Flora asteroid family, produced by collisional shattering a few hundred million years ago. (One fragment of that ancient smashup may have struck Earth 65 million years ago, triggering a mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs.) But, until now, no such asteroid-asteroid collision has been caught "in the act." ...

Shirat Devorah also links to Vision of Geulah's The Star of Mashiach in the Zohar

For those who speak Hebrew/Aramaic, you may want to see these articles:

Zohar on the signs for the Geula in heaven


Worth Reading: Star Wars Soon at the end of which quotes Tosefot Pesahim 118b, which implies that the stars that fought against Sisera were small stars, which suggests as possibly asteroids. also says in the beginning of the post that the future war will be similar to the war against Sisera, based on Psalm 83, verse 10.

So, what does a Jewish-star-shaped asteroid collision imply?

דרך כוכב מיעקב?

Time will tell...


At Mon Feb 22, 08:10:00 PM 2010, Blogger Neshama said...

Maybe it's leftover debris from Ilan Ramon's flight?

At Mon Feb 22, 08:28:00 PM 2010, Blogger Devorah said...

Rabbi Tzadok told us to watch the skies.

At Tue Feb 23, 12:41:00 PM 2010, Anonymous wazir said...

so war must start in within 30 days with iran hezbollah

At Wed Feb 24, 05:55:00 AM 2010, Anonymous mErA said...

Iran has attacked Iraq, as the Midrash says that the king of Persia will provoke an Arab king.

At Wed Feb 24, 10:55:00 AM 2010, Blogger Neshama said...

mErA, the Arab King is only Saudi Arabia, which is the original arab area, and this same arab country has been begging the US to do something about Persia, "short of taking out a full page Ad in the NYT" as I read lately vis-a-vis the Dubai circus.

BTW, Dubai will soon incriminate ALL the tourists in Dubai that fateful day.

At Wed Feb 24, 03:37:00 PM 2010, Anonymous mErA said...

Thanks Neshama.


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