Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Earthquake in Chicago?

The nice thing about living in Chicago (or so I thought) is that although we get lots of snow, we don't have to worry about earthquakes.
Californians, on the other hand, have to worry about earthquakes, but not about snow.
However, it seems that here in Chicago, we now have to worry about both snow and earthquakes - and on the same day!
I slept through this 3.8 magnitude tremor, but who knows if another one will hit or not?
We here in Chicago know how to live through the snow - as most schools remained open today, unlike East Coast schools. However, no one here knows what to do in an earthquake. It's as if Hashem is saying, "You think you're so tough? OK, try this out for size!" Yes, it was "only" magnitude 3.8, and Californians are laughing "Ha! We get 25 of those a day!" For Chicago, though, it's another part of the global fear engulfing the world.


At Thu Feb 11, 10:54:00 AM 2010, Blogger Neshama said...

I heard a discussion about the Rail system in America. One important item I didn't know about, is that Chicago is the HUB with a central (ti pa) spot where ALL train shipment to the West Coast and other places MUST PASS THRU THIS ONE SPOT (which I heard was literally like an X spot). The Chicago rail lines are very very old and no one has come up with an alternative.

So, in summation, should anything happen to that ONE SPOT there would be a national disaster vis-a-vis shipment from overseas entering the US and needing to reach middle and western states of America.

I'm sure there is more history to Chicago that would be very interesting.

If you want to see some fascinating pictures of the DC area snowmageddon visit the Washington Post and go to the photo section. Really really beautiful pictures.

At Thu Feb 11, 02:53:00 PM 2010, Anonymous shaya g said...


I am waiting for someone to tell me the reason we got an earthquake here. It is unusual. Is it because of the anti-religous, gays in the military, or what? I need direction and leadership, Yaak. I am ruddrless unless some Rabbi tells me who I can blame for such an event!

Luv ya

At Thu Feb 11, 04:11:00 PM 2010, Blogger yaak said...

You can blame me. It's all my "Fault".

(1 stupid comment deserves another.) :)

At Tue Feb 16, 02:07:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Chaim said...

Another Democratic Senator screw up in Illinois! Encouraging all Pro-Israel Jews to second guess their party


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