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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Syria Blames Shas Party for Protests

Arutz Sheva:

Syria: Shas Behind Protests

A report on Syrian TV Wednesday night points the finger at the “real” reason why there are demonstrations in Syria – it is all the fault of the “Jewish Shas” party. The report, broadcast on Channel 2, said that Shas, according to a senior Syrian official, “has an interest in upsetting Syria. No Arab or Muslim group has such an interest.” Israeli observers said that picking on Shas may be odd, but that the party is known in Syria as having Arabic-speakers in it, so Shas as the instigator of the anti-government activities.

Syrian officials also denied that some 400 demonstrators have been killed. The report quoted Syrian officials as saying that all the dead were from the ranks of security forces, not protesters, and that forces have been ordered not to open fire on protesters.

Kikar has the video too.

Not only is it the Joooooos, it's those darn religious Sephardic Jooooooos.


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