Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Anyone for a Nice Hotel Stay at Osama's Compound?

Whoever needs a good laugh should check out the "Customer Reviews" at "Osama Bin Laden's Hideout Compound" from Google Maps.

Some good ones:

Ultimately our visit was satisfying, but it took us almost 10 years (!) to find the dang place. Next time, we're staying at the Marriott. Or skipping Af-Pak altogether.


Great B&B on the east side of town. I stayed here over the weekend because the darn La Quinta in downtown Abbottabad had bed bugs everywhere and cancelled my reservation. So I'm hanging out in the lobby reading the March issue of Jihad Monthly I found on the coffee table when these freaking helicopters start hovering in the neighborhood! What's up with that!? I grab my Galaxy tablet and head down to 7-11 for a brewski and to check in on my fantasy cricket team. The next thing you know its pretty late. I get back and the proprietor is nowhere to be found and it turns out no one made up my room. Um, hello? The maid service was spotty and I had to use the neighbor's wifi so I have to take two stars away but the proprietor makes some amazing banana pancakes, they were THE BOMB!! It gets one star back just for the pancakes. I would definitely stay here next time I'm in town

Plenty more too.


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