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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Earthquake in Spain

Shirat Devorah has details about the terrible tragedy in Murcia and Lorca, Spain today, where the latest update is that at least 8-10 were killed and 40 injured.  There is a Jewish community there too.  My prayers are with them.  Among the damage:
The tower of the church of Santiago was split in half according to eyewitnesses.
I'm not knowledgeable in Hashem's ways, but I happened to notice something interesting.  Exactly 600 years ago, something occurred in this region of Spain.  According to Wikipedia's entry on the History of the Jews in Spain, Vincente Ferrer ימ"ש successfully converted many Jews to Christianity:
Forced conversions

Renewed sufferings were inflicted upon the Jews as a result of the mission of the Dominican Vicente Ferrer. Ferrer traveled about Castile urging the Jews to embrace Christianity, appearing with a cross in one hand and the Torah in the other, but with the force of the law behind him. His impassioned sermons won him great influence, and he accomplished his ends in Murcia, Lorca, Ocaña, Illescas, Valladolid, Tordesillas, Salamanca, and Zamora. He spent the month of July, 1411, in Toledo; he invaded the large synagogue, which he transformed into the Church of Santa Maria la Blanca, and he is said to have baptized more than 4,000 Jews in that city.
Despite very recent apologies for how the Jews were treated in Majorca in 1691, I haven't seen the same in the mainland of Southeastern Spain.  In fact, a town close to Murcia called "Jumilla" is having a 600th anniversary celebration this year of Ferrer ימ"ש's April 18-20, 1411 sermon in the city:

This tells me that not only are they non-apologetic, but they celebrate this evil man's accomplishments.

Noah was 600 years old when the Mabul started.  From the time he was named saying "זה ינחמנו" (this one will console us from our actions) until the Mabul started was 600 years.  Hashem's ארך אפים is a very long time.


At Wed May 11, 09:45:00 PM 2011, Anonymous lowkey said...

oops, guess they may need to reschedule...

At Wed May 11, 10:51:00 PM 2011, Anonymous shaya g said...

just saying hi, yaak. don't need to actually post my thoughts, you know what they are! :)

At Thu May 12, 12:34:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Concerning the church of Santiago, it should be noted that Santiago means "St. James." He is/was historically the patron saint of Spain. When Spain went to war its soldiers would call out "Santiago!" as a battle cry.



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