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Monday, June 06, 2011

Ashkenazim Falsely Accusing Sepharadim For Their Problem

Well, close:
Spain's government has demanded that German authorities explain why they initially blamed Spanish vegetables for the E Coli outbreak and will insist that the EU compensate farmers for the resulting dramatic fall in exports.

"We want compensation for the grave and irreparable damage done to Spain," health minister Leire Pajín said before a meeting with fellow EU health ministers in Luxembourg. "We condemn the slow response and are concerned about how this crisis has been managed from the very start."

Furious Spanish farmers want to know why their cucumbers were originally blamed when it seems a German farm was the likely source.

With mounds of Spanish vegetables having to be destroyed, farmers in the south-eastern province of Almeria want the Germans or the EU to pay for their losses. "We are indignant, angry, furious and everything else imaginable," said Antonio Moreno of the Coag farmers organisation in Almeria.
 For all those who expected an article about disunity among Jews, I'm happy to disappoint.


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