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Friday, October 28, 2011

Ashkenazic Gedolim Suggest Learning Mussar to Stem Tide of Violence and Tragedies

Kikar has an article that tells us that due to the recent tragedies and violence in the community, the Lithuanian and Hasidic Gedolim suggest to all to learn Mussar books in order to stem the tide.  They say that no one is exempt from learning Mussar - whether it be Yeshiva boys, Kollel men, Ba'alei Batim, women, and children - everyone needs to learn Mussar.

Among the rabbis who came out with this declaration:

Rav Elyashiv Shlit"a
Rav Shteinman Shlit"a
Rav Vosner Shlit"a
Rav Kanievsky Shlit"a
Belzer Rebbe Shlit"a
Sanzer Rebbe Shlit"a
Vizhnitzer Rebbe Shlit"a

In an unrelated note, Rav Ovadia Yosef Shlit"a recently gave a shiur about the importance of Shenayim Mikra Ve'ehad Targum, and gave suggestions to people for whom it is difficult to do so.  He put an exclamation mark on this by repeating a warning that those who do not do so will be punished.


At Fri Oct 28, 11:08:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Learning mussar is good even when there is no crisis.

At Fri Oct 28, 11:59:00 AM 2011, Blogger Neil Harris said...

Wow. Thanks for posting. R Yisrael Salanter also said that women are not execpt from learning mussar (or giving it, as my wife tells me).

At Sun Oct 30, 03:20:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newbie here. Is Path of the Just mussar?

At Mon Oct 31, 09:30:00 AM 2011, Blogger yaak said...


Yes, The Path of the Just is a classic Mussar book.

At Mon Oct 31, 01:25:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Shiloh said...

That's great and long overdue, though it may be too late.

At Mon Oct 31, 03:21:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Bob Miller said...

There is no "too late" for us.


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