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Friday, October 28, 2011

Tana"ch Being Reindexed

Some authors of Sefarim, like Rav Wolbe in Alei Shur, were careful to not reference the chapter and verse of Tana"ch references, but used some other method like Parsha:Aliya.  The reason these authors did so was because the source for chapter and verse did not originate with Jews.  However, as pure as this method is, the references were nowhere near as specific as the good-old Christian-based chapter:verse references.

Some bold-thinkers are now thinking out of the box and starting to reindex Tana"ch into the Parshiyot and Sedarim that were originally used by Jews for millennia before it was changed by non-Jews.

(As an example of both methods, the end of Vezot Haberacha counts and gives a siman for both the Sedarim [Jewish] and chapters [non-Jewish] of Sefer Devarim.)

This is a great way to take back Torah Shebichtav from those who hijacked it and bring us into a new era.


At Fri Oct 28, 06:46:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Fri Oct 28, 07:29:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are not threats on the pope by me or nor should be intended to be . rather they are direct quotes from the prophet isaiah and Gods king david in the book of psalms . These are not my fabrications nor threats on any individual or institution . Rather it is prophesiced throughout kabbalah the catholic church is satans root and will be destroyed by God and God alone throughout kabbalah and the prophets . The church has more jewish blood and horrors then any institution on the face of this earth . The pope is a holocaust denier and friends with him is only logic is to convert the jews to christ which is his main dogma.

At Mon Oct 31, 03:20:00 PM 2011, Anonymous anon1 said...

So if it will happen anyway, sit back and watch.


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