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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Al Eileh Ani Bochia

L to R: Maor Harush HY"D, Amir Menashe, HY"D, Elior Priess, HY"D,
Kochava Shriki, HY"D, Itzik Kolangi, HY"D
Source: Jpost and Channel 10, slightly edited

Arutz Sheva:
Itzik and Gilat Kolangi were on their first holiday since their daughter, Noya, was born four months ago. Itzik was born and raised in Petach Tikva, and his family members say he was full of the joy of life and always ready to help others out.

Itzik and Gilat had gone on holiday with another couple, their good friends Amir and Natali Menashe. Amir, too, was killed. Members of Amir's family spoke with Natali, who said that the men were placing the bags in the luggage compartment when the bomb went off.

Amir married Natali 18 months ago. Ten months ago, a son was born to them – Rom. "They had waited for this trip, to go with their good friends," Amir's brother said. "The last time I spoke with him was when he was at the Duty Free. Amir was a good boy, he liked life and liked to party."

Kochava Shriki of Rishon LeTzion had become pregnant after years of fertility treatments and was expecting her first child at age 44. She wanted to take advantage of the holiday she went on with her husband, Yitzchak, for some rest. Five minutes before the flight, she spoke with her sister, Yael Morad, and told her she was pregnant. She said she and her husband were very happy.
Update: YWN adds:
Eyewitnesses later reported that Kochava could have been saved if she would have jumped from the bus like others did but she was too afraid of harming the fetus, opting not to take the chance.

So sad.  Eicha 4:10 comes to mind.


At Fri Jul 20, 12:39:00 AM 2012, Blogger Leah said...

I have no words....

At Fri Jul 20, 02:15:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when the gentile world is against thejews, and the israeli gov warning all the time jews are the target. (forgive me for saying this) but do you all need holidays in gentile countries. i know the rebbe and other sages wrote that sometimes a trip is more for the act of breaking bread or thanksgiving that needs to be said at a certain place, certain time to lift the fallen sparks. we dont understand this but Hashem and the sages understand this. but holidays, why cant the jews visit parts of israel, meron, carmel and other places. people still go to egypt for holidays. do jews need to do this. can anything be greater than living i n israel and thus leave israel to for elsewhere even for a holiday. why spend your hard earned kosher money on the likes of us gentiles.

At Fri Jul 20, 03:48:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comment from 10rainbow is outrageous and I'm surprised that it was allowed. How dare you criticise innocent Israelis who serve in the army, work hard and raise more kids than selfish westerners. The blame is entirely with those who carried out the massacre and not innocent Israelis who wanted a holiday. And as if there aren't any massacres of Jews in Israel by the same enemy. The point is that wherever we are they try to kill us, Itamar, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires or Bulgaria. They are the problem not us.

At Fri Jul 20, 04:23:00 AM 2012, Anonymous rachel said...

You both have a point. But we must remember the messages of Chazal, and the Torah, which clearly say that if Klal Yisrael neglects its spiritual duties as a nation, the other nations are required by spiritual law to hate us. This is one way Hashem brings us to teshuva.


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