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Friday, July 06, 2012

And Do You Know What Else Rav Kaduri Said?

Now that I got your attention, this post really has no new information from Rav Kaduri ZTVK"L. I'm just employing the tactic of Kalev Ben Yefuneh to get people's attention.

Unfortunately, there are those in the Xtian and messianic community who are lying to themselves by what they think is a handwritten letter by Rav Kaduri that "proves" that the name of Mashiah is their human deity. What baloney! Has Veshalom! He allegedly spelled it יהושוע which is most definitely NOT the same as their deity (see here how they distorted the name in translation and also see parshablog's explanation on Rav Kaduri's note).

Also unfortunately, many Xtian and messianic websites, including a few youtube videos (please don't go searching for them), have linked to my post about Rav Kaduri to show that he is predicting bringing back their deity as the messiah. אוי לנו מיום הדין if my blog contributed to anyone thinking such nonsense. I hereby protest the use of my blog for such nefarious purposes.

While we're talking about Oto Ha'ish, there is an interesting Yalkut Shimoni that is only found in the original printing of Yalkut Shimoni in Salonika (but later also in the Mosad Harav Kook edition) that can be viewed on the Hebrew University website at this link on page 335 if you have the DJVU plugin installed. It was censored from subsequent versions of the Yalkut Shimoni.

Translated, it reads:
How much was the sound of Bil'am? Ribbi Yohanan said: 60 Milin. Ribbi Yehoshua ben Levi said: 70 nations heard the voice of Bil'am. Ribbi El'azar Hakefar says: Hashem put power in his voice and it would rise up from one end of the earth to the other end - because he foresaw the nations bowing down to the sun and to the moon and to the stars and to wood and to stone. And he foresaw that there was a man, the son of a woman, who in the future will rise because he wants to make himself a god and to cause the entire world to stray. Therefore, He gave power in his voice that all the nations of the world would hear. And he would also say, "Pay attention so as not to stray after that man (Oto Ha'Ish), as it is written, "God is not a man, that He should lie," and if he says that he is a god, then he lies. And he is destined to lead people astray and say that he is going away and coming back at the end times. [For this, it is written,] "When He hath said, will He not do it?"  See what is written, "And he took up his parable, and said: Alas, who shall live after God hath appointed him?"  Bil'am said, "Alas, who shall live from that nation that followed after that man (Oto Ha'Ish) who made himself a god?"
See also Wikipedia's entry on Bil'am which has this text as well.

Also, Rabbeinu Bahye brings down this Midrash.  Later versions of Rabbeinu Bahye like this substitute the word אלוה (god) with נביא (prophet) and add the word בישמעאל - also done by the censors.  Some versions have whitespace where this text was.  And then there is this bad job of censorship where the word אלוה is pretty clear.

Despite Bil'am's prophecy against such a future figure, there are some interesting similarities between Bil'am himself and Oto Ha'Ish:

  • The gemara in Gittin 57a has Onkelos asking both Bil'am and Posh'ei Yisrael (which is widely interpreted as Oto Ha'Ish) whether to join the Jews.  That gemara describes the punishment for both Bil'am and Oto Ha'Ish - the former in boiling semen and the latter in boiling excrement.
  • Both were known to fly and both had Jewish adversaries who also flew and caused them to lose their flying power.  Regarding Bil'am and Pinhas, see here.  Regarding Oto Ha'Ish and his Jewish adversary, see here.
We are awaiting the day when the real Mashiah will come when it will be known to the entire world that it will be a pious Jew (and of course not Oto Ha'Ish) - when יהיה ה' אחד ושמו אחד.


At Fri Jul 06, 09:18:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's why Mashiah will shock many nations, knowledgeable bloggers and prognosticators with not only his identity but what he will do !!!!

At Fri Jul 06, 09:58:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HaRav David Kaduri Shlita said explicitly that the note is a fake! And he also said explicitly that Rabbi Yitzchak never predicted a time for the geulah either! It is all just people spreading rumors or trying to use the Tzaddikim for their own purposes. The man spreading the fake note from Rav Kaduri is a man named Yehoshua who says it is about him! He didn't even say it was about Yushke, others did, he made it to be about himself! This is all nonsense and if you want to connect to Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, then go daven at his kever, visit his Yeshiva and go to shiurim, or daven in the Beit Knesset there. That's how to connect! Get his seforim, learn his divrei Torah. The note is a forgery, and the rumors about predicted times are false. May the merit of Rabbi Yitzchak protect us all every Jew, may we merit to do Teshuva and most of all have a wonderful happy Shabbos!!

At Fri Jul 06, 10:27:00 AM 2012, Blogger shimonmatisyahu said...

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At Fri Jul 06, 10:29:00 AM 2012, Blogger shimonmatisyahu said...

If the note is really a fake, it's sure a good imitation of Rabbi Kaduri's handwriting for anyone who has seen a copy of his handwriting before, including myself. Regardless of the origins of this note, in case anyone should think that G-d forbid, Rabbi Kaduri or any good Jewish bloggers is directly or indirectly the cause of people going astray as to who Moshiach is, Hashem is giving the Christians a chance of free choice one last time before Moshiach comes, if they will either choose to stop believing in a false god/messiah, or will continue to not only believe in him but to G-d forbid attempt to convince others. Regardless of the note or what Rabbi Kaduri said or didn't say, there are two major things that point to this year or month of this year to the Redemption. 1)The letters of תשעה באב, the date of which Rabbinical literature states that Moshiach was born on, has the same letters as אב התשעב.
2)When Hashem appeared to Moshe at the burning bush hinting to him that the Jews will have future troubles, Moshe replied דיה לצרתה בשעתה "Enough of its trouble IN ITS TIME", the last Hebrew word having the same letters as the number of this Hebrew year (Berachot 9b - which will be learnt in Daf Yomi during the next month of Av 5772). May we see the fulfillment of these two rabbinical statements in this year 5772, no later than Tisha B'Av. Amen!

At Fri Jul 06, 10:39:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The note is available for all to see, on, just type in פתק in the search and you'll find it, for some reason I am having trouble pasting the link here... Anyway the man who runs the site is named Yehoshua and says the note is for him and about him. Also there is a well known story about Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri saying he met Moshiach, and people make a big deal about this, and Rabbi Dovid Kaduri Shlita said that his father told him specifically that he met Moshiach in a dream/vision, not that he met him in this world, he met him in the upper worlds, and Rabbi Yitzchak said when Moshiach comes it will be like the lottery, nobody knows who and when until everyone does. Have a good Shabbos.

At Fri Jul 06, 01:01:00 PM 2012, Blogger yaak said...

The link to the article is here.

At Fri Jul 06, 01:40:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Shiloh said...

I met Yehoshua Meiri a few years back. He knows the note is NOT about him at all. He is not so stupid. Wake up people and those prone to loshon hara against actual Torah observant Jews.

Anon 1 is right on track.

At Fri Jul 06, 03:48:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The point is the note is fake. Rabbi Dovid Kaduri said the note is a forgery. Yehoshua promotes it as genuine and does very much in fact say the Yehoshua in the note is himself, he has even added a 'vav' to his name to spell the same way Yehoshua with a Vav between the shin and the ayin. No one said he is stupid. The point is that the person who has the note, in no way says it is about Yushke, and also that Rabbi Dovid says the note is fake altogether.

At Fri Jul 06, 10:15:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Shiloh said...

Annon, Yehoshua Meiri knows he is not the messiah at all which the note, fake or not, suggests. When I saw the added vav, I quickly assumed it pointed at him also, I met him sometime later. The rabbi's son can easily come out to say it's fake in order to take the heat off and not lead people down a path of messianic christianity as it might well do (side not without discussion, the historical Jew has nothing to do with the teachings of xtianity and it's antiTorah antiJewish twist, so study if you are interested why for all those who like to slander a Jew based on deceit and lies on all sides of the isle) Either way let me point you all to a little tightly held secret, you have no clue as to what some of the big rabbi's hold to who is the coming mashiach. That you can take to the bank and don't assume anything to save wasting time.

At Fri Jul 06, 10:26:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Shiloh said...

Let me tell you why he know's he is not the messiah just to let it all go. I and my wife met with him and two other rabbi's in meah shearim maybe 5years ago. The rabbi's are well known as very yishar ultra Orthodox charedi rabbi's. Prior to that, I asked him if certain events have taken place with him (which I know for a fact have not) to test him. From that moment on he, if he even thought at anytime it was him, it was obvious to him that he is not. The meeting was really wonderful and ended with a huge bracha. Also, don't kid yourself, former members of certain security sects in our country (Israel) never actually retire if you get my drift not that it would matter anyways.

At Sat Jul 07, 09:02:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well let's just leave it that our friend Yehoshua who believes a not which the supposed authors son denies the validity of, does not believe himself to be the Moshiach. That is agreed upon and I never said he did. I did say he sees a message for himself as the Yehoshua although he interprets it in a way that does not have him as the Moshiach but as laying the groundwork so to speak. That being said, the main point there is still that in no way does the note have anything to do whatsoever with Yushke, and that was my point in bringing in Yehoshua to illustrate that at its source the note is completely removed from Yushke and there is an actual Yehoshua connected to the note. As per whatever you hint at with taking to the bank and rabbis and security personnel, I have no idea what you are referencing and don't care to know. And mussar against loshon hara is one of those things that there can't be too much of. I personally choose to believe Rabbi Dovid Kaduri and don't think it is just to take off the heat, however. In any case, shavua tov to all of klal Yisrael

At Sat Jul 07, 11:01:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Shiloh said...

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At Sun Jul 08, 07:41:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow... Ok, well that puts a very different spin on things. There is only one Rabbi from the Orthodox world who said Yushke was a good guy and that was Rabbi Yehontan Eybeshutz in his letter to the goyim. In his opinion he was just a yid trying to spread 7 mitzvos Bnei Noach... However according to most other Rabbis, like Baba Sali, Yushke was a mamzer who tried intentionally to take people away from Hashem. After the Holocaust I used to hear growing up that Yushke was a Jewish martyr and why don't they make such a big deal about 6 million if they want to make such a big deal about one. That is another opinion. I have also heard that the person described by the notzrim never existed at all. Everyone in the orthodox tradition knows the Karaites are not Jews, and are apikorsim like the Tzadukim, no Rabbi ever said otherwise, as far as I know. You defend Yushke and say the Jewish world has Lashon hara against him... Well when our sages say what they have said, check out Milchemot Hashem of the Ramban, his famous debate, it is not surprise he is known to us as Yeshu, acronym for Yemach Shemo Vzichro. Also check out Sefer Chezyonot of Rebbe Chaim Vital to see what Yushke and the Ishmaelite are up to now

At Mon Feb 11, 11:21:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Fri Jul 19, 12:41:00 AM 2013, Blogger Unknown said...

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At Mon Nov 04, 02:25:00 PM 2013, Blogger Unknown said...

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At Mon Jan 20, 10:14:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Fri Feb 21, 08:27:00 AM 2014, Blogger C Solis Photography said...

I just want to say, thanks for this article. I saw what WND posted today and was amazed that they could be so gullible. Most of the websites listed in my search on Google had the same garbage. I'm so glad someone tells the truth.

At Mon Apr 04, 06:41:00 PM 2016, Blogger said...

Great blog! May I share this?

"A major principle, according to the Gaon, appears in Sifra de-Tsni’uta, [and that is] everything that was, is, and will be in all the upper and lower worlds, as well as all the general and particular things that will happen in every generation—all these are hinted at in the Torah" (Qol ha-Tor 1:1, cf. M Avot 5:26: Ben Bag-Bag said: Turn it [Torah] over and over for everything is in it).

Some compelling results of personal names encoded in the Tanakh:

אִם-לַלֵּצִים הוּא-יָלִיץ וְלַעֲנָוִים יִתֶּן-חֵן But to the humble he grants favor (Proverbs 3:34)—אֱלִיָּהוּ חי, Elijah lives, is spelled out by the initial letters of the verse (Arizal).

אוֹר זָרֻעַ לַצַּדִּיק וּלְיִשְׁרֵי-לֵב שִׂמְחָה Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright of heart (Psalms 97:11)—ר עֲקִיבַה, R. Akiva, is spelled out in the final letters of the verse (Arizal).

עִיר וְקַדִּישׁ מִן-שְׁמַיָּא נָחִת And behold, a watcher, a holy one came down from heaven (Daniel 4:10)—שׁמעוֹן, Shim’on, is spelled out by the initial letters of the verse (Rebbe Naḥman of Bratslav, Lekhu Hazu).

כִּי לֹא תִשָּׁכַח מִפִּי זַרְעו For it shall not be forgotten in the mouth of his seed (Deuteronomy 31:21)—יוֹחַאי, Yoḥai, is spelled out in the final letters of the verse (Rebbe Naḥman of Bratslav, Liqqutei Moharan, cf. BT Shabbat 138b: The Torah is destined to be forgotten from Israel).

לְמַעַן) רְבוֹת מוֹפְתַי בְּאֶרֶץ מִצְרָיִם) (So that) My portents may be multiplied in the land of Egypt (Exodus 11:9)—רמבּם, Rambam (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon), is spelled out by the initial letters of the verse.

נַחַל נֹבֵעַ מְקוֹר חָכְמָה A flowing stream, the wellspring of wisdom (Proverbs 18:4)—נַחמָן, Naḥman, is spelled out by the initial letters of the verse (Rebbe Naḥman of Bratslav, Liqqutei Moharan, Ḥayei Moharan, 189).

וְנֹקֵב שֵׁם-יְהוָה מוֹת יוּמָת And he who invokes YHWH's name shall be doomed to die (Leviticus 24:16). יֵשׁוּ (Yeshu), Jesus, is spelled out in reverse by the first three letters of the first three words (Rabbi Meir Paprish [Poppers], Or Ner). יִמַּח שְׁמוֹ וְזִכְרוֹ (Yemaḥ shemo ve-zikhro), May his name and his memory be blotted out—יֵשׁוּ (Yeshu), Jesus, is spelled out by the initial letters of this phrase.

At Sat Feb 17, 07:39:00 PM 2018, Blogger george said...

The note is not a fake. People just don't understand. Joshua son of nun is the Messiah son of Joseph bloodline. Even though Joshua has no sons in the Torah clearly it relates to him. Messiah did appear in the Galilee in 2014 according to the Zohar in the year 66 after the state of israel. But he will only be revealed to the people in the year 72-73 which is 2020-21.


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