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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Rav Ovadia: Cancel Bein Hazmanim and Recite Avinu Malkeinu Twice Daily

Arutz Sheva:
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef urged yeshivas to cancel summer vacation so students can continue to learn Torah in response to the move to draft them.

Torah sage Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual leader of the Shas Sephardi hareidi religious party, urged yeshivas Saturday night to cancel summer vacation so students can continue to learn Torah in response to the move to draft them into the army.

In his weekly lecture, Rabbi Yosef, known as Rav Ovadia, also called for a special prayer to be recited for spiritual help against an attempt to put an almost complete end to the tradition of continued Torah learning, which he said, has been a condition for the existence of the State of Israel.

“We are in deep trouble. There are those who want to lessen the honor of Torah and learning Torah,” said Rav Ovadia.

He said that after morning and afternoon prayers on Sunday, a fast day that introduces the “three weeks of mourning” of the desecration and destruction of the Holy Temples, the prayer “Aveenu Malkeinu” should be recited. Rav Ovadia urged that the prayer be recited every day for a period of time during the three weeks, which concludes with the Fast of Tisha B’Av.

“I also ask our brethren in the Diaspora…to participate and pray” to HaShem to reject the aim to draft all yeshiva students.
Behadrei and Kikar have the audio.


At Mon Jul 09, 09:37:00 AM 2012, Blogger Moshe said...

That is called computer tsunami. I thank Very soon all computers will shut down for one purpose, to know that words of our hahamim have power. All blogs which contains most of disinformation will be closed and everybody will know that there are only kosher sources through real rabbis not hiding faces with sweet words that can damage a lot. Soon you will understand what "Asifa" and signs like "Shield your eyes" really means. All hutspa will burn and they will be with Korah making "fun" at Gehinom. It started with Korah then we know his friends went down with him. I remember when I was a child my rabbis and parents told us : "Don't talk to a stranger"
That is what blogs are, you don't knw them but you take those opinions as a "truth", be aware and stay far from that.


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