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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Recent Interesting Links - Shemot 5773

Lazer Beams - The Sadigora Rebbe, zatza"l

Mashiach is Coming - Acts of Kindness

Life in Israel - Batman puts on Tefilin Shel Yad

Arutz Sheva - Netanyahu hints to Morsi when quoting from Parshat Shemot: ויקם מלך חדש על מצרים (see here for the meaning of the end of the verse)

On the Main Line - A Detroit family's conversion to Judaism in 1916 (due to the man's father appearing to him in a dream to do Teshuva)

Shirat Devorah: FC - No Halachic Justification? (with a lively comment section)

Wiesenthal Center - 2012 Top Ten Anti-Semitic/Anti Israel Slurs

Northwestern U. finally wins a bowl game - first since 1949.

Trib: Chicago's average temperature for 2012 is the highest on record.  Also, if there is no snowfall by this Shabbat, which could very well happen, another record of 314 days without an inch of snow in Chicago will be broken.


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