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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interesting Recent Links - Shelah 5773

Rav Pinto - The Mysteries of the Sambatyon River - Part 3

Geula Update from Rav Fish - Beha'alotecha 5773

I'll translate one part from last week

It's brought down in "Yalkut Ohev Yisrael" that R' Mordechai of Slonim said in the name of the Apter Rebbe that at the End of Days, the nations of the world will want to fight against each other, but they will think and contemplate that the outcome of such fighting will only be good for Israel.  So, they will all gather together to smooth out the differences between them so that they won't need to fight.  However, this will not help them, and they will end up fighting each other until they reach their demise.  He concluded that it's permissible to say this over in his name as if one had heard it from a prophet.

Rav Shteinman's letter on the draft

Eytan Kobre: First, Understand "The Burden" (Some bloggers hated this article with silly critiques which don't hold much water.  I think the article is great.)

MK Gafni connects the fight against Yeshivot with the situation in Syria

Life in Israel: Videos from the recent Nahal Haredi ceremony

Latest updates from Chabad of Oklahoma

Matzav: Funeral for Sifrei Torah destroyed by Hurricane Sandy


At Tue May 28, 11:33:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not surprised you thought kobre was right on,,,,,

At Wed May 29, 01:12:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Ilana said...

Sambatyon River.

Today I found a brazilian newspaper from the year 1865 saying that in april that same year a group of 70 people, all levites, descendents of the lost tribes in Irak.
The article keeps saying that ne man in this group could prove he's a direct descendant of King Yehoyakim. They had contacted the karaim community of Euperia in Ucrania, more precisely Abraham Firkovich, to ask for help to immigrate to Jerusalem, because of religious persecution in Irak.

At Wed May 29, 01:33:00 PM 2013, Blogger yaak said...


Very interesting, but just from your summary, there seem to be problems with this:

1) On the one hand, you say that they are Levites, and on the other hand, they descend from Yehoyakim, who is from Yehuda.

2) Neither Levi'im nor Yehuda are of the 10 lost tribes.

3) Iraq had a consistent settlement of Jews, so why would they be considered "lost"?

At Wed May 29, 03:05:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Ilana said...

1) the article says only 1 of the 70 people was the descendant of Yehoyakim (and he could prove it).

2) all the other 69 people were Leviim. There were some Leviim mixed amng each of the tribes, so it's possible some ogf them were also "lost". Moreover, Bnei Moshe were also Leviim and went beyond the Sambatyon...

3) That's the only strange thing in this story: the consistent settlement of Jews in Irak...

Anyway, for those who can understand portuguese, here's the original text:

24 de Abril de 1864
O Publicador
Anno III _ Terça-Feira 2 de Agosto de 1864, n° 574, pág. 3
Paraiba - Brazil

Ultimamente a comunidade israelita dos caraímes, em Eupatoria [Ucrânia], recebeu uma carta de Jerusalem, annunciando que na parte sul da Mesopotamia, no Irak-Arabi, outr’ora Senna, não longe da antiga Babylonia, se descobriram descendentes dos israelitas da antiguidade em numero de 70 dos dous sexos, achando-se entre eles um descendente do rei da Judéa Joachim, prisioneiro do rei de Babylonia Nabuchodonosor II, pelo anno de 600 antes da éra chistã, sendo esta linhagem certificada por documentos authenticos de que este personagem é possuidor.

Os outros israelitas descendem todos dos levitas.

Habitam no meio de diversos povoados e tribus, que com ameaças e seducções os querem obrigar a abjurar o judaismo e abraçar o seu culto.

Em consequencia disto, enviaram dous deputados ao caraime Abraham Firkovitch, que em Jerusalem faz actualmente buscas archeologicas para, por sua intervenção, obterem dos caraimes o soccorro de 30,000 piastras, que os habilitaráõ a emigrar para Jerusalem e estabelecer-se alli, dispensando todo o Socorro ulterior, porque todos, sem excepção das mulheres, sabem officio e fabricam excellentes tapetes da Persia.

At Wed May 29, 05:40:00 PM 2013, Blogger yaak said...

Thanks, Ilana.

At Thu May 30, 02:09:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evpatoria is in Crimea on the Black Sea.


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