Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mashal Lemah Hadavar DOMA

Arutz Sheva has an article and video below showing Rav Schoenfeld from Queens blasting the Supreme Court decisions:

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At Sun Jun 30, 12:11:00 AM 2013, Blogger Leah said...

Thank you for posting this.
Here's another bit: Lady Gaga thanked all of her supporters in the LBGT community. She then goes on to sing the American National Anthem and changes the words. "For the land of the free.. "and the home for the gays."
I think the founding fathers and the author of this song have indeed rolled over in their graves....

At Sun Jun 30, 07:58:00 AM 2013, Blogger 10rainbow said...

yy, this is really shocking but as the rabbi spoke, hopefully these are the signs leading to the arrival of the long awaited mosiach. its mind boggling and now all the other non jewish nations except perhaps nations where there are majority muslims, will follow suit . these behaviour habits do exist in all countries, but if i am not mistaken. muslim countries will not legalise it.
the time has come for non jewish nations to look to the bilaams of today and turn to the nation that Hashem promised, is the light to all nations.

At Sun Jun 30, 07:59:00 AM 2013, Blogger 10rainbow said...

i made a typo error. its time for non jewish nations to stop looking at the bilaams of today and turn to the nation Hashem has promised us to be a light to all nations.

At Mon Jul 01, 06:04:00 PM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Bila'am was at the Kotel the week before the 17th of Tamuz celebrating Shimon Peres's ostentatious birthday party. He did not bring his significant other who actually thinks that there will still be a job called the Presidency of the US in 3 1/2 years. She is running for it. America is in a death grip.

At Mon Jul 01, 06:42:00 PM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Speaking of Bila'am, he officiated as mesader kiddushin at Anthony Weiner's wedding to a gentile woman...How quaint and appropriate. Weiner then exposed his lower half on the quaint and appropriate. He is now leading in the polls as the next mayor of New York City, and number two close behind is Christine Quinn, who married her girlfriend in an ostentatious wedding ceremony last quaint and appropriate. So number one and two for Mayor of America's largest city is a bum who was married off by Bila'am and then exposed himself on the Internet vs. an out of the closet lesbian who is promising more parking spaces in Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn. You have to go with Christine Quinn. She at least is monogamous as far as we can tell, and homosexuality for women is not a Noachide prohibition. If you are jaded by all this or ho hum about what America has come to, then you will not be affected to take appropriate action such as leaving these major blue state cities for Israel or at least for Normalsville, Tennessee.


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