Friday, June 21, 2013

Geula Update from Rav Fish - Balak 5773

From Rav Fish's latest:
  • 5 Iyar
    • He proves that the story of the Mekalel took place on 5 Iyar.  ע"ש.
    • [YY - Note: I don't agree with his Hashkafa here.]
  • Paras
    • Avuderaham on Minha of Shabbat says that we say צדקתך כהררי אל משפטיך תהום רבה corresponding to the birthpangs of Mashiah when Hashem will uproot the Kingdom of Paras. [Note: this may have been censored to say "Paras" as other versions of the Avuderaham say "הרשעה".  Although, it's possible that "Paras" was the original and "הרשעה" was the amended text.  צ"ע.]
    • The new leader's name is רוחני, hinting to a spiritual process of Teshuva, which will result due to them.
      • [YY - The leader's full name is חסן רוחני, which could mean "a spiritual strengthening" or could mean "spiritual innoculation".  Both are meaningful.]
  • "Keitz" Gematrias
    • [After explaining how the Redemption process started in the year 5700,] Rav Tzion David Siboni adds that the word נאצים is the gematria of קץ [plus the Kollel].
    • Rav Yosef Morsiano adds that עת קץ הימין is the gematria of תשע"ה.
  • North Korea
    • [After comparing the name of the place of the Final Solution and the name of the North Korean's nuclear reactor:]  It was recently publicized that Kim Jong Un was handing out copies of Mein Kampf as party favors for his birthday.
  • The Owl and Rav Neuwirth ZT"L
    • [YY - see here first.]
    • [Rav Fish said a while back that the word ינשוף - owl - hints to the holy name שפ"ו.]  The name יהושע ישעיה is the gematria of 2x the name שפ"ו plus י"ה, which symbolizes the side of holiness of the name שפ"ו with the aspect of (when Moshe added a Yod to Yehoshua's name): י"ה יושיעך מעצת מרגלים. 
      • Also, Rav Neuwirth lived 86 years, which is פ"ו שנים.
    • Also, the word ינשוף is the same letters as וינפש, which is said about שבת קדש, and Rav Neuwirth dealt with Hilchot Shabbat, as is known.
      • We also find in Bei'ah (16a) the derasha on וינפש - once a person already went through Shabbat, ויי אבדה נפש - woe, he has lost a soul [referring to the extra soul of Shabbat, but also] hinting to the death of the Tzaddik.
      • Rashi on Shemot 31:17 says that וינפש comes from נפש since every word נופש comes from נפש - and we know that נפש symbolizes מלכות, which is a female aspect.  And when it has a Yihud - like on Shabbat - and accepts the male, which has the aspect of the letter ו that enters the נפש, there is then נופש - tranquility.  This is the Sod of וינפש on Shabbat.  Therefore, the name שפ"ו is hinted to in the word נופש since נופש symbolizes a status of completeness in Malchut - when it has a Yihud and accepts the influence from the 50 gates of Binah.  And that is the Sod of נופש, which has the letters שפ"ו accepting from the Nun.
  • DNA
    • Rav Avraham Feldman adds that the name DNA refers to the system of individual blood and bones of each person - meaning that after DNA testing, one can identify dead bodies or limbs to know to whom they belong since everyone has their own personal DNA that doesn't belong to anyone else in the world.  The English acronym, when transliterated into Hebrew, is דִּי אֶנ אֵיי. Those letters produce the name of Hashem אדנ"י.  We can explain that since all souls were born from the name אדנ"י, which symbolizes Malchut, everyone has their own individualized name of אדנ"י, which is where his root in the Sefira of Malchut resides.  And from there, his individualized DNA was brought down into physicality.


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