Friday, June 14, 2013

The Bayit Vegan Owl and Rav Neuwirth ZT"L

Mashiach Is Coming points us to a Behadrei article about an owl perched on top of the Aseret Hadiberot that's over the Aron of the Gra Shul of Bayit Vegan.  All efforts to remove it failed.

A congregant of the shul made a poster that he claims shows the connection between the owl's appearance and Rav Neuwirth ZT"L, who just passed away this week and used to give Shiurim in this shul, using gematrias and Rashei Teivot.

Kikar also has an article about it and adds another intersting tidbit.  One of the doctors who was caring for Rav Neuwirth ZT"L, had a dream 3 hours before he passed away that he was alarmed to take care of Rav Neuwirth, but was unable to due to a snake that was close to his bed.  After he woke up, 3 hours after the dream, the doctor's telephone rang to inform him of the worsening of Rav Neuwirth's condition.

I personally would have a halachic question whether it is permitted to bow down during prayers in this shul with a live animal that's situated right above the Aron Kodesh.  I don't know the answer, but it seems that this didn't bother those attending the shul or its rabbi.

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