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Monday, September 09, 2013

Geula Update from Rav Fish - Rosh Hashana/Ha'azinu 5774

From Rav Fish's latest:
  • Mashiah's coming will mean different things to different people
    • The gemara says that 3 things come with Heseh Hada'at: Mashiah, a found object, and a scorpion.  The Maharsha explains that when Mashiah comes, to some, it will be a happy time like the aspect of a found object, while to others, it will be as the bite of a scorpion.  Rav David Lalush adds that the word עקרב consists of ע and קרב - meaning that 70 nations will wage a battle against Yerushalayim in the Gog Umagog War (גוג ומגוג has the gematria of 70).
  • Zohar about the End of Days Depicts the Poverty of Torah Scholars
    • [Here Rav Fish explains the Zohar Naso 124b as relating to our times. (Note that this Zohar comes right before another Zohar that I mentioned previously having to do with our days.) Rav Glazerson produced a video where he takes Rav Fish's explanation directly from his PDF and adds a Torah Code based on it:]
  • 5774-5775
    • R' Mas'oud Abuhatzeira adds that (Yeshaya 62:1) וִישׁוּעָתָהּ כְּלַפִּיד יִבְעָר hints to a salvation coming in 5775.
    • R' David Lalush adds that on the gemara that explains the seven years in which Ben David comes, Rashi explains "On the sixth year, sounds" to mean "sounds that Ben David is coming". [5774 is the 6th year in the Shemitta cycle.] תשע"ד is the same letters as שתדע [that you should know] that Ben David is coming.
    • R' David Lalush adds that מִלְחֶמֶת אִירַן is the gematria of ה'תשע"ד. When spelled מִלְחֶמֶת אִירַאן, it's the gematria of ה'תשע"ה.
  • More on the 1775 Vavim
    • The Hata"m Sofer says that there are 600,000 root souls of Israel plus 1775 root souls from Kelipat Nogah that are mixed in with Israel. Moshe Rabbeinu didn't know what to do with them, so he made them the "Vavim (hooks) for the pillars" - meaning they would support Israel, who are the pillars of the world. We see from this Hata"m Sofer that the 1775 correspond to the souls that require filtration - with the Sod of the work of filtration of the era of exile.
  • 5674
    • It is brought down in the book "Matbe'a Shel Avraham" that the verse בַּבֹּקֶר תֹּאמַר מִי-יִתֵּן עֶרֶב, וּבָעֶרֶב תֹּאמַר מִי-יִתֵּן בֹּקֶר [In the morning thou shalt say: 'Would it were even!' and at even thou shalt say: 'Would it were morning!'] is the 5674th verse in the Torah. And according to the Ma'aseh Roke'ah, that the number of verses in the Torah corresponds to the number of years of the world, this verse corresponds to the year 5674, which was the beginning of WWI, of which the Hafetz Hayim said was the first of the 3 Wars of Gog Umagog.


At Tue Sep 10, 09:17:00 PM 2013, Blogger Devorah said...

Thank you !

At Wed Sep 11, 10:35:00 AM 2013, Blogger in the vanguard said...

Rebbe says somewhere that the Gemora calls Moshiach "Kaysar" - as in Caeser, because, for one thing, even the lowest of languages/nations will be refined in the Era of Redemption, but, with regard to what you say about him coming unexpectedly, the Rebbe explains that Caeser, having been born by Caserian section (thus the name), this indicates Moshiach will come "Out through a wall" - i.e., unexpectedly. In Hebrew, יוצא דופן.

I elaborate on this point, for anyone interested, here:

Gmar chassimah tovah!


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