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Monday, November 18, 2013

"Washington" a Prevalent Name in Sunday's Tornadoes

In those tornadoes that occurred on Sunday:

A) 2 killed in a tornado in Washington County, Illinois

B) 1 killed, 120 injured, 250-500 buildings damaged or destroyed in an EF-4 tornado in Washington, Illinois

C) 20 homes destroyed in a tornado in Washington, Indiana

Is there a message here from Shamayim for the capital of the US?


At Tue Nov 19, 01:01:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a strong message to us of the 70 nations. will it need to get stronger??

At Tue Nov 19, 01:24:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mentioned this to my husband. The first article I read about tornadoes- top of article: Washington Ill

At Tue Nov 19, 12:28:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Tue Nov 19, 01:36:00 PM 2013, Blogger yaak said...

The previous comment said (edited by me):

Yes! There is a message in this last storm to hit IL. [A certain channel] on YT put out a vid on how she linked IL passing gay marriage and why WASHINGTON Il was linked. Great channel!! I believe more to come!

At Tue Nov 19, 02:41:00 PM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

America was founded by Free-Masons. George Washington was the number one Free-Mason at America's founding. For most of American history Free-Masonry was a force for good in the world. It took the Western mind off nations under Yoshke and made one nation under G-d. Yet, at the end of history, Free-Masonry cannot be a force for good anymore since the purpose is to help the nation rise to the 33rd level of purity only, the level of prosperity and only building Olam HaZeh. So what was a force for greatness almost 240 years ago in the 31st Century after Matan Torah cannot be the same force for good in the 34th Century after Matan Torah since the purpose of serving G-d is not to make money or as the Constitution says "to promote the common Welfare" In this transition doing what is right to make money can no longer bear fruit. This is the message from the Creator.

So with Washington at America's root things were good until 1988 (5748) which is 3300 years after Matan Torah. Then the next George was elected and he tried to place a "secular" roof over the providence of the United States at the 33rd level of purity, a Novus Ordo Seclorum, New World Order, and Masonry's insidious tachlit became apparent only at the end of history in the 34th Century after Matan Torah starting in 5749. So apparently G-d is no longer interested in Masonry's service since it has shown that after the pot of gold has been made and there is a chazakah on the Mon(ey) at the 33rd level, it now works to exclude G-d from the providential process.

At Tue Nov 19, 02:49:00 PM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I forgot to point out that the highest level of degree in Free-Masonry is the 33rd degree. So there is no intention to rise above that level of purity. As a matter of fact, that is where they desire to cap the roof. Have they repaired the Washington Monument on the National Mall yet after that bizarre earthquake which cracked the top pyramid of the monument?

At Tue Nov 19, 03:19:00 PM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Funny how the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill which mentions the new world order is an unfinished pyramid cut off at the 2/3rds mark of that pyramid. (2/3rds of the way to 49 is 33.) Yet, the Masons desire to cap off that pyramid with a smaller pyramid, and that smaller pyramid at the top of the Washington Monument was cracked in a bizarre Virginia earthquake 2 years ago....and apparently it has not reopened. They haven't even started to repair it yet!! 5776 will be the 240th year after America's founding. 240 is the gematriah of Dollar and Amalek...Yet, Obama and the Ba'al Kerry are already in place. Maybe we will need to borrow your Liberty Bell from America. We will change the 1 to a 5, and in 5776 we will proclaim the Jubilee of Jubilees.

5776, the Decoupled Yovel Year assuming 49 year Yovel cycles since the destruction of Bayit Sheini

At Sun Nov 24, 09:45:00 PM 2013, Anonymous hass said...

2 legs and 2 foots ?

At Mon Dec 23, 09:55:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

19 May 2011 - Obama gives speech endorsing Israels return to 1967 borders!
20 May 2011- Netanyahu arrives in Washington.
21-26 May 2011 - Tornado outbreak, 3 Washingtons hit, Joplin, Missouri devestated between 13th and 33rd street. (See Wikopedia on Joplin Tornado).

At Mon Dec 23, 10:18:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

12 Dec 2013 - SOS John Kerry arrives in ME for "Peace Talks". Schedule includes dinner with Mahmoud Abbas 7pm on the 12th in Ramallah and meeting with Netanyahu in Jerusalem on 13th, 0945.
At 5:00 PM (Local) on the 12th Massive Boulders are removed from their place high on a cliff face and DESTROY a home in Rockville, Utah. A possible connection is made when one reads up concerning Rockville Utah :

Wikipedia on "Rockville Utah"

"Rockville is a town in WASHINGTON County, Utah, United States. It is located along the Virgin River near the mouth of ZION Canyon. The city lies just outside of the park boundary for ZION National Park; the park entrance is located approximately 5 miles (8 km) northeast of the town."

That's 4 Washingtons!!!!

Best leave ZION alone!!!


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