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Geula Update from Rav Fish - Aharei Mot/Pesah 5774

From Rav Fish's latest (again, I'm omitting a lot of what he writes - click the link to see it all in the source):
  • Russia
    • The word ולדימיר (Vladimir) is the gematria of נמרוד (Nimrod), and the Megaleh Amukot says that Sanheriv is the Gilgul of Nimrod, who will again be reincarnated into Gog.
    • Russia = Paras and enemy of Turkey
      • The gemara (Yoma 10a) says that Tiras (from Bereishit 10:2) is Persia.  Sefer Yosifon says Tiras is "Russish".
      • The Lu'ah Davar Be'ito (1st day of Rosh Hodesh Iyar, 5760) quotes predictions by Nostradamus saying that "Persia" will capture Trabzon [, Turkey] along the shores of the Black Sea (see also here).  Rav Fish wants to say that the "Persia" referred to there must be Russia.  
      • It's brought down in the book "Kelilat Yofi" page 307 [couldn't find this online]  that 3 prophets prophesied using the same language: The Gr"a, Rav Yisrael of Ruzhin, and the Holy Jew of Pshischa: that when Russia will invade Turkey, we will need to wear our Yom Tov clothes to honor the coming of Mashiah.
      • According to Targum Yonatan on Bemidbar 24:24 talks about ships from Turkey going against Ashur, and many hold that Russia is the original Ashur (as is brought down in "Kelilat Yofi" p. 304).
  • Crimea and Ukraine [use your imagination with these]
    • Crimea (קרים) is hinted to in a verse that refers to the forming of fetus (Tehillim 139:15רֻקַּמְתִּי, בְּתַחְתִּיּוֹת אָרֶץ [and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth].  
      • R' Tzion David Siboni adds that the forming of the "fetus" of Kelal Yisrael during the Exodus from Egypt includes all 603,550 souls of Israel.   Amazingly, the area of Ukraine is exactly 603,550 square kilometers.
    • R' S. Reiskin adds: "Google Chrome" hints to Gog which started in Crimea.
    • Rebbe Nachman of Breslov's statement
      • [Rav Fish goes on at length saying that Rebbe Nachman says about Uman something similar to what the Gr"a said - that Uman is the end of Kedusha.  ע"ש]
    • [Rav Fish continues giving hints from names of cities in the Ukraine.]
  • More on 66 (see here)
    • The Zohar (Pinhas 252a) says: 
      (Bereishit 46:26) "all the souls were threescore and six" - 60 to awaken the first Mashiah and 6 to awaken the second Mashiah.  That leaves 6 years until 72 to fulfill what it says: "Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou shalt prune thy vineyard, and gather in the produce thereof."  As it says: "Israel is the LORD'S hallowed portion, His first-fruits of the increase."
      • We see that the Zohar divides the 72 years of Hevlei Mashiah into 2 (or 3) parts.  66 years for the awakening of the 2 Meshihin, which is the Sod of the first Pekida, and another 6 that are hinted to in the two verses mentioned.  And it's possible that it hints to the 6 years of the Holocaust, which were very harsh, and had the aspect of "prune thy vineyard".
    • We also find the idea of the "Pekida of the left side" in the Zohar (No'ah 62b-63a):
      David said before HKB"H: There are 2 Kitzim, 1 to the right and 1 to the left, and they are 2 paths for people to go to the next world. There is a Keitz to the right, as it says: "לְקֵץ הַיָּמִין" and a Keitz to the left, as it says: "קֵץ, שָׂם לַחֹשֶׁךְ , וּלְכָל-תַּכְלִית, הוּא חוֹקֵר" - this is the Angel of Death, this is the Snake. [The verse] קֵץ כָּל-בָּשָׂר [regarding No'ah's flood is consistent with] קֵץ, שָׂם לַחֹשֶׁךְ because it comes from the side of melting gold. וּלְכָל-תַּכְלִית [And to the furthest bound] - when unmitigated justice is prevalent over the world - הוא חוקר [He searcheth out] - to be a prosecutor for the world, to darken the face of mankind. Here, David said to HKB"H: הוֹדִיעֵנִי יְהוָה, קִצִּי [LORD, make me to know mine end] - what is my ultimate purpose? And he didn't calm down until he was informed: שֵׁב לִימִינִי [Sit thou at My right hand].
      • That is, the Pekida of the left side is the Sod of Orlah that enclothes the fruit, just like anything new in the world - first, there's an Orlah.  Man is born with an Orlah and a tree first is Orlah.  And if we're careful from the Orlah and go in the path of Torah, it's possible to take only the good parts, as there is already an existence of Pekida, which is what occurred in the days of Koresh.  And also, in the days of Koresh, when they veered slightly from the path of Torah, the decree of Haman came upon them until they did Teshuva.  And that aspect is the State of Israel, which finishes 66 years on 5 Iyar, 5774, that if they were worthy, there would be an At'halta Dig'ula [beginning of Redemption] as the Gedolei Yisrael of the previous generation said.  However, since they didn't merit, and they allowed the Erev Rav to rule and destroy every good portion, we got a destruction over a destruction and an exile within an exile.  And even though they built up Eretz Yisrael, there is no place to say "At'halta" [beginning] on something that is a preparation, which is the [Kabbalistic idea of] preparing of vessels without lights, as with a cemetery.
    • R' S. Reiskin adds that Highway 66 in Israel goes from Megiddo until Tishbi Junction in the area of Yokne'am, which hints to Redemption: י-ה קנה עם [Hashem, acquire a nation].  And there is a hint that after 66 years will complete the Kingdom of Yosef in Megiddo, and Eliyahu Hatishbi will come.  As the gemara (Megilla 3a) says: 
      [The verse says:] "In that day shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddon." And Rav Yosef said: If it were not for the Targum on this verse, I would not know what it means: At that time, the eulogy in Yerushalayim will increase like the eulogy for Ahav ben Omri, who was killed by Haddadrimon ben Tavrimon in Ramot Gil'ad, and like the eulogy of Yoshia ben Amon, who was killed by Par'oh The Lame in the Valley of Megiddo.
      And we see in Sukkah 52a
      This eulogy, what is it for? Ribbi Dosa and the rabbis differ. One says it's for Mashiah ben Yosef, who was killed...
      That is, after 66 years, they will reach Megiddo, which is where the end of the period of MBY is, as we see from the verse that there is where he dies.  And even though our rabbis say that we need to pray for MBY that he doesn't die, the hint to the end of his kingdom in Megiddo at the time that Tishbi comes after 66 years is amazing, with the fact that Highway 66 takes you from Megiddo to Tishbi, by way of Yokne'am. 
      • And we see hints there in the verses about the heads of the Erev Rav, who enclothe the kingdom of Yosef.  Verse 12 says: בֵּית-נָתָן לְבָד, hinting to Netanyahu and verse 13 says: מִשְׁפַּחַת הַשִּׁמְעִי לְבָד, hinting to Shimon Peres.
    • Also, the number after 66 is 67, the gematria of בינה.  And it's brought down in the book "Sha'arei Orah" (Sha'ar 8) that the Sefira of Binah symbolizes the 8th world, from where comes Geula.
  • Yosele Schumacher 
  • Passing of Rav Avraham Nachman Simcha Veitzhandler ZT"L
    • I heard from Rav Tzvi Heshin Shlit"a about the sudden passing of one of the righteous men of Breslov who wrote books - Rav Avraham Nachman Simcha Veitzhandler ZT"L on כ"ד אדר ב' תשע"ד, and his passing awakened all Breslov communities to Teshuva.  The departed's name and date of his passing are hinted to in a very in an amazing way, where not one letter is missing or added.  This hint shows how there's nothing that is not hinted to in the Torah - up until the minute detail of every man.  
      • (Tehillim 90:3) תָּשֵׁב אֱנוֹשׁ, עַד-דַּכָּא.  The date כ"ד אדר ב' תשע"ד are the same letters as תשב עד דכא and grouped similarly.  
      • And the word אנוש, which means man, is the Rashei Teivot of the man אברהם נחמן שמחה ויצהנדלר.  
      • The verse continues: וַתֹּאמֶר, שׁוּבוּ בְנֵי-אָדָם [and sayest: 'Return, ye children of men.'] - since his passing awakened many toward Teshuva.  
      • Also, "Veitzhandler" in Yiddish means "Wheat seller" which shows a connection to Rebbe Nachman of Breslov who said about himself that נחמן is the gematria of קמח [flour].  And he had the names of Rebbe Nachman and his father Rebbe Simcha.  
      • And his death occurred when Am Yisrael was baking Matzot and selling wheat, especially since Matza is the food of David Hamelech - Lehem Oni, as is brought in the Zohar (Vayetze 157a) and the letters ציון, which symbolize David Hamelech are found in the name ויצהנדלר.
  • Erev Pesah Date this Year = Vayechulu
    • י"ד ניסן תשע"ד is the same gematria as the verse that concludes Creation and brings in Shabbat: ויכלו השמים והארץ וכל צבאם.  


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we are very close...we have to be bsimha that we will witness soon great miracles BH.

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Keep up the good work Yaak , harbe torah harbe chaim pirky avot . Halacha is the meat and potatoes , the sod your bringing us the wine . May we see elyahu this pesach when we pour a cup for him to trample enemies of God and enemies of yisrael . By the way please update us on yosef in prison yehonatan pollared .


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