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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Interesting Recent Links - Korah 5774 II

Kidnapped Boys

Video Of Interest: #BringBackOurBoys – The Chareidi Version
haredi version of #bringbackourboys (video)

Facebook Page - Shabbos for Our Boys

Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein: Shmiras Shabbos Will Help the Captives

Video Of Interest: Rav Amar Speaks with the Parents of Captives from Australia

Watch: Rabbi Lau Leads Prayer for Kidnapped Teens

Video: The Heroic Mothers of the Kidnapped Israeli Teens



At Fri Jun 20, 12:19:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx Yaak for all the updates , on events and updates dailey on geulah from the Talmud scholars in Eretz Yisrael and abroad . Yours is the main site on the web that keeps us up to date in a strictly glatt kosher forum ie no slander or lashon harah in the talkbacks . May you make the Chafetz Chaim of blessed memory proad of how you navigate malicious gossip on Torah scholars. Keep up the great work !

At Fri Jun 20, 04:19:00 AM 2014, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Which pasuk in Shoftim dealing with Shimshon, did the Goral HaGra done by Rav Binyamin Eliyashiv fall upon when he inquired of HaShem using the Goral HaGR"A about the 3 teens? I have seen two possible pasukim. One (Shoftim 15:14) of them mentions Lechi a hint to the Stern Gang/ Mashiach ben Yosef? The other is 16:3. Which one is the correct one? thanx.

At Fri Jun 20, 09:19:00 AM 2014, Blogger yaak said...

According to both Kikar and Bechadrei, it was Shofetim 15:14. You can hear it mentioned in the audio in Kikar too.


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