Sunday, September 14, 2014

Interesting Recent Links - Nitzavim/Vayelech 5774

Adele Biton

Terrorism and Anti-Semitism

NYPD Investigate Anti-Semitic Message Found In Crown Heights Building

Yarmulka-Clad Jew Nearly Run Down, Called ‘Cancer,’ by Passersby in Netherlands

Israeli Family Attacked En Route to Kosel

PA: Hamas Higher-Up in Gaza, Released in Shalit Deal, Pulled Trigger on Israeli Teens’ Abduction

Columnist at Erdoğan Aligned Newspaper Calls for Taxing Jews to Pay for Rebuilding Gaza

Obama’s War Rules

WATCH: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Walks Off Stage After Being Booed For Pro-Israel Remarks
Sen. Ted Cruz Defies Hecklers, Defends Israel
Cruz Walks out After Pro-Israel Comments Draw Boos

Swastikas Painted On Kosher Butcher Shop In Northeast Philadelphia

Giyur Bill

Yosef Family



At Sun Sep 14, 07:51:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

775 = brit milchamah meaning the 3 main religions will battle to see whos more right and whos stronger . Its also a remez to adam harishon pulling back his brit milah after leaving gan eden and all the aveirot the arizl explains he did for 130 years . Dor mashiach is dor eikev meaning tikkun eitz haddat and the nachash and its poisons . Nachash = 358 = mashiach the poison of the nachash was from eating the tree of knowledge , all of history roles like dice from this one incident .


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