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Friday, January 02, 2015

Geula Update from Rav Fish - Vayehi 5775

From Rav Fish's latest:

(Note: On the first page, Rav Fish links to an incredible gematria program [a rar file that contains an exe file - download at your own risk] which, when run, will display many different gematria calculations [regular, Katan, Milui, Meshulash, AtBash, AtBah, and many more] for any Hebrew phrase that is typed in.  In addition, it contains all the verses of the Torah in order.  It also saves all calculations that you want for future reference.  Very cool.  Much better than the online version I created.)
  • 477th word
    • We mentioned previously that the word עשות (hinting to the year תשע"ו) is the 477th word of the Torah, corresponding to the gematria of בעתה.
    • R' Menahem Barhum adds that אל-הים ארץ ושמים from that verse plus the words equals תשע"ו.
    • Also, if you count 477 words backwards from the end of Sefer Bereishit, you reach the word יטרף from בנימין זאב יטרף בבקר, whose gematria is תשע"ה.
    • Also, if you count 477 words backwards from the end of Sefer Shemot in Pekudei (which hints to Pekida and Geula), you get to the word הקדש from הקדש לאהרן הכהן, whose gematria is תשע"ה.
    • Also, if you count 477 words from the beginning of Parshat Vayishlah (which also hints to Geula with the meeting of Yaakov and Esav), we get to the word וישקהו from צוארו וישקהו ויבכו, whose gematria with the Kollel is תשע"ה.
  • 1335 days
    • The Ibn Ezra explains עדן ועדנין ופלג עדן and למועד מועדים וחצי as 3½ years of the downfall of Yishmael and troubles for Talmidei Hachamim, followed by the coming of Mashiah.
    • Also, in the Purim story, the Geula occurred in a period of 3½ years which is 1335 days.  From the night when Ahashverosh couldn't sleep - 16 Nissan, 3405 - until the end of Galut Bavel and the beginning of the building of the second Beit Hamikdash in 24 Kislev, 3409.
  • כי יום נקם בלבי
    • The verse is Yeshaya says כִּי יוֹם נָקָם, בְּלִבִּי; וּשְׁנַת גְּאוּלַי, בָּאָה.
    • R' Avraham Agassi adds that ושנת גאולי באה is the gematria of 5775.
    • R' Moshe Tzuriel adds that כי יום נקם בלבי ושנת גאולי באה is the gematria of משיח תשע"ו.
    • And we find in Kohelet Rabba:
      Ribbi Sha'ul of Naveh taught in the name of Ribbi Shimon: If someone tells you when the Ketz of Geula is, tell him that it says כי יום נקם בלבי.
      We see that the Ketz is hinted to in כי יום נקם בלבי. 
  • 5775-5776
    • R' Moshe Tzuriel adds that the entire verse וְהָיָה בַּיּוֹם הַהוּא, בְּיוֹם בּוֹא גוֹג עַל-אַדְמַת יִשְׂרָאֵל--נְאֻם, אֲדֹנָי יְהוִה: תַּעֲלֶה חֲמָתִי, בְּאַפִּי is the gematria of חמשת אלפים שבע מאות שבעים וחמש [i.e. 5775].  
    • Also, the Nusah of prayer [that is said after counting the Omer]: הרחמן הוא יחזיר לנו עבודת בית המקדש למקומה במהרה בימינו אמן סלה is the gematria of חמשת אלפים שבע מאות שבעים ושש [i.e. 5776].
  • 10 Tevet 5776
    • The Sod1820 website is promoting 10 Tevet, 5776 as a date that is possible for Mashiah to come as seen in the following video:
    • R' Moshe Tzuriel adds that the secular date for 10 Tevet, 5776 is 22-12 (using the European date format) and the gematria of תמו כל הקצים ואין הדבר תלוי אלא בתשובה (from Sanhedrin 97b) equals 2212.
    • 2212 is also the gematria of משיח בן דוד עבדך חמש שבע שבע שש.
    • 2212 is also the gematria of בן דויד יבאו בי' טבת בחמש שבע שבע שש.
    • 2212 is also the gematria of המשיח בשבע מאות שבעים ושש.
  • Saudi Arabia
    • [YY - see what Rav Fish said about the Saudis last week.]
    • ערב הסעודית is the gematria of ישמעאל עשו.
    • There is also a Torah Codes table [see the pdf p. 13] with the words סעודיה ערביה ילחם פרס crossing the verse where Yaakov Avinu worked to marry Rahel 7 years, and it is brought down in the book "Divrei Elimelech" by R' Elimelech of Grodzinsk ZT"L that Yaakov's work was a spiritual work to prepare for the Future Redemption.
  • 5776th verse in the Torah
    • The 5776th verse in the Torah is מְזֵי רָעָב וּלְחֻמֵי רֶשֶׁף, וְקֶטֶב מְרִירִי;  וְשֶׁן-בְּהֵמֹת, אֲשַׁלַּח-בָּם, עִם-חֲמַת, זֹחֲלֵי עָפָר [The wasting of hunger, and the devouring of the fiery bolt, and bitter destruction; and the teeth of beasts will I send upon them, with the venom of crawling things of the dust.] Using the Ashkenazic pronunciation, this hints to the Hamas terrorists who crawl through the earth like snakes and dig tunnels to destroy us, Hashem should save us.  And according to the version that there are only 5842 verses in the Torah [instead of 5845], this verse corresponds to the year 5773, which is when they started digging the tunnels as preparation for Tzuk Eitan in 5774.
  • Rahav (רהב) as the Egypt-America connection
    • [YY - note a recent post of mine on the name רהב]
    • [YY - Rav Fish noted that אמריקה is the gematria of פרעה and that Obama looks like an old Par'oh.]
    • It's brought down in the book "Zera Kodesh" (Bo) that the ministering angel of Egypt's name is Rahav, an expression of arrogance, since he was proud that he was the first of the 70 nations.
    • R' Yosef Meir Sofer adds that רה"ב in AtBah is נחש [snake] which is the gematria of ברק אובאמה [assisted by R' Tzion David Siboni].


At Sun Jan 04, 07:33:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a GEZERA not to predict the keitz with exact dates , its like an yisraeli entering the kodosh kodeshime on yom kippur . Yaak enjoy your site but is it not assur from the chachamime not to promote a date for the keitz as your doing here . only moshe knows the keitz , for cry not loud baba sali ztzl didnt know the keitz and we cant reach his ankles in avodat Hashem !

At Mon Jan 05, 10:42:00 AM 2015, Blogger yaak said...

There are actually many views about predicting dates. According to many authorities, the Issur of predicting dates may not apply when:

a) We are at the last stages of history (as opposed to the time of the gemara).
b) We are talking about the Be'itah date as opposed to an Ahishena date
c) We are not saying the date is a definite date, but rather a possible date
d) We attach a caveat to the prediction saying that if the date is not correct, we will still hope for the Redemption


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