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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Heavenly Help to Move Man to Jewish Cemetery

UPDATED (see below)

Kikar reports (my translation):
The relatives of a lonely Jew who, due to a misunderstanding, was buried in a Xtian cemetery in the center of Israel started dreaming strange and scary dreams about the departed in which the departed appeared again and again.  Originally, they ignored it dismissing it with the idiom that "dreams speak of falsehood".  However, when this phenomenon reoccurred again and again, they understood that there is something to it.

When the family members started to clarify the matter, it became clear that their departed relative was buried in a non-Jewish cemetery.  Two days ago, the family turned to the Zaka Organiztion pleading with them to remove their dear family member from the Xtian cemetery and to bring him to burial in a Jewish cemetery.

In a preparatory mission that the Zaka volunteers organized in the cemetery, they were astounded to see that the departed was buried among graves adorned with crosses.  The volunteers arranged for an operation that would remove and transfer the departed.  However, the date came out on a day that was stormy and bad weather.

After consulting with the chairman of rabbinical council of Zaka, Rav Yaakov Rozha, the rabbi instructed that they are obligated to do everything in order to move the departed from Xtian cemetery even if the bad, stormy weather.

A pair of Zaka volunteers, under the command of Berele Yaakovovitz, and under the Halachic direction of Rav Daniel Stern, the son of the Dayan Haga'on Rav Shmuel Eliezer Stern, took along special provisions and this morning reached the Xtian cemetery during the stormy weather with strong winds and pounding rain hitting their faces.

However, once they started the actual work of digging, as if it were a command, everything stopped moving.  The windows of heaven closed up and for the duration of about 2 hours while they were working on removing the departed, not a drop of rain fell in that area.  When the completed the work, one minute after they brought the departed's body into the Zaka ambulance, the windows of heaven reopened.

The departed was transferred to burial in the Ramla cemetery in a Jewish grave and done halachicly with a Minyan with the participation of an exact Minyan of men.
UPDATE  YWN has the story with pictures.


At Wed Jan 07, 02:55:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

amazing !

At Wed Jan 07, 03:10:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truly amazing! How is possible not to see the Hand of H' (so to speak) in this situation?

At Wed Jan 07, 05:24:00 PM 2015, Blogger joshua manevitz said...

Hashem also took part in burying a מת מצווה , after all the weather is under his domain !

At Thu Jan 08, 01:46:00 AM 2015, Blogger Esser Agaroth said...

Very interesting post.


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