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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Interesting Recent Links - Beshalah 5775 II

Tensions in the North

Concreate Barrier in Position Along N. Road to Block Sniper Fire

South American Terrorism and Anti-Semitism

North American Terrorism and Anti-Semitism

Chauffeur to Saudi Princesses: I Got the Job Because I Wasn’t Jewish

Obama, Like FDR, Antisemite

Terrorism and Anti-Semitism

Election Stuff


Surprise, Jerusalem’s Chief Rabbi Will Perform the Chasenah

Video Of Interest: The Tziyun of Baba Sali on the Yahrzeit

MAILBAG: Sheldon Silver In Trouble With The Law So ‘We Can Turn To Hashem’ (I will make an exception to my normal policy of not reporting on scandals involving Jews for this interesting letter.)


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