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Friday, January 09, 2015

Jewish Hostages R"L Killed, Injured in Paris Kosher Supermarket


The latest is that 4 hostages were killed and 4 are critically injured when armed terrorists who were connected to the Charlie Hebdo terrorists took over the Hyper Cacher Kosher supermarket when Jews were shopping for Shabbat on Friday and the subsequent police raid. One of the gunmen was killed and the other escaped in the confusion.  15 hostages were freed.

May Hashem comfort the families of those killed and avenge their blood and heal those injured.

30 French Jews saved by hiding in the freezer of store on erev shabbos


At Sat Jan 10, 10:06:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hashem Yeracheim on the victims and families Mashiach already even if we arent worthy !!!

At Sun Jan 11, 01:27:00 AM 2015, Blogger Neshama said...

A Muslim worker, from Bali, saved the shoppers when he led them to the basement freezer. You'll have much more info now. Netanyahu is to fly to Paris to join in the march. I hope the French Jews wake up now and move quickly to Israel. The clean sweep of Jews from the Gauls is taking a swift escalation.

At Sun Jan 11, 01:29:00 AM 2015, Blogger Neshama said...

Oh, that annoying spell check, ,$&?'!,?!?/:;)&.

At Sun Jan 11, 03:08:00 AM 2015, Blogger yaak said...

Actually, "Gaul" would have been fine in this context. :-)

At Sun Jan 11, 06:00:00 AM 2015, Blogger Neshama said...



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