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Monday, January 12, 2015

Paris Terror Links

I have a whole bunch of Paris terror links saved up that I need to get rid of so here they are:

Attack, Raid, and Condemnations

Personal Accounts

This Past Shabbat in Paris

Hidden in Freezer

The Kedoshim


Security for Paris and Worldwide Jews

Related Anti-Semitism

Worrisome Increase in Anti-Semitism in France

They Still Hate Us: PMO Confirms France Opposed Netanyahu’s Attendance At Paris Rally

BBC Reporter’s Apology for Anti-Semitic Question at Paris Unity Rally Fails to Convince (VIDEO)

IBT Removes ‘Wholly Inappropriate’ Story About Alleged Link Between Israeli Intelligence, Paris Shootings

EJC President: ‘Europe is at War and while Jews are on the Frontlines, All Citizens Are Potential Targets’

Terror Outrages Deepen Fear Among French Jews, ‘Fanatical Islamism Always Targets the Jewish Community,’ Says Jewish Leader

Kosher Grocery Assault Confirms Worst Fears of French Jews

WikiLeaks Blames ‘Jewish Pro-Censorship Lobby’ for Legitimizing Attacks on Charlie Hebdo

BDS Leaders Promote Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory Linking Mossad to Charlie Hebdo Atrocity

Muslim Cleric Defends Paris Terrorist Attack: “Whoever Insults a Prophet, Kill Him”

New York Times Hit With Fresh Double Standards Accusation Over Prophet Muhammed Cartoons

On Eve of Terror Victims Burial in Jerusalem, New York Times Publishes Scathing Op-Ed Entitled ‘Why I Won’t Serve Israel’


At Tue Jan 13, 03:17:00 AM 2015, Blogger Neshama said...

I read what HaRav Yosef said. However, did anyone mention that when a Jew dies erev Shabbat he goes straight up into the sanctity of Shabbos? All four Jews were special.

At Wed Jan 14, 02:45:00 AM 2015, Blogger Cosmic X said...

Thanks for linking!


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