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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Year as a Reduced Fraction

(Please see the updates to yesterday's post if you haven't seen them already.)

Already at the beginning of 5775, I used a reduced fraction to explain the significance of the year 5775.  I explained that 57756000 reduces to 7780 and refers to the 77 75-year generations of the world. ע"ש

Along the same lines, we can use a reduced fraction to explain 5776.  Let's see.  57766000 reduces to 361375. The number 361 is the gematria of משיח בא [Mashiah is coming] and 375 is the gematria of דעא"ש [ISIS] as I explained earlier.  Perhaps, if we explain that the numerator overpowers the denominator, the explanation is that in 5776, Mashiah's coming will overpower ISIS and everything it represents - the evil of the world.


At Wed Mar 25, 10:58:00 AM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The world is created for 6000 u years.
Here's a countdown to Rosg Hashana 6001.

At Wed Mar 25, 12:29:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great pictures of rav shteinman shlitah and rav kaminisky shlita at there decendents wedding . Awesome photos ! as well great comment - comment # 1 on the 550 jews Hashem Yerachame on j street who went to Hillel house to be heard - puke ! 77/80 rosheie teivot 77 = avodah zorah ie isis etc , 80 = vaed and yesod .

At Thu Mar 26, 04:58:00 AM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

375 is also אדולף היטלר

At Thu Mar 26, 06:39:00 AM 2015, Blogger yaak said...



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