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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Geula Update from Rav Berger - Behukotai 5775

Translation from Rav Berger's latest (emphasis in the original):
The words which we brought here in the previous newsletters from the words of Gedolei Yisrael and hidden Tzaddikim about the coming period and about Motza'ei this year - the 7th year, which is auspicious for our Redemption - brought a mass strengthening of masses of the House of Israel from all over the world in Torah learning, doing Hessed, and in Keri'at Shema with concentration and accepting the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven with pure faith.

In the course of the past 2 weeks, hundreds of people turned to me by phone and mail who attested before me that the words that were brought here caused them to awaken themselves and to ignite within them a flame to connect to HKB"H with greater zeal via Torah learning, praying, and accepting the yoke of His Kingdom, may He be blessed - in order to prepare properly and as needed, and in so doing, to merit to greet the face of Mashiah Tzidkeinu and to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven with the building of the Beit Hamikdash.

This we knew from the start - that the power of the Sitra Ahara, the S"M and his entourage, are not interested in all this.  They don't want the light to be revealed in a way that Am Yisrael will be exalted and their value will rise.  And therefore, they are trying to sow confusion, destruction, and decimation by inserting doubts as if the words we brought down are not correct, fabricated, false dreams, and other types of expressions like these and others in order to remove the flame of mass strengthening.

However, we are the Am Segula of the King of kings, who march with faith and trust, walking tall to the light of the Tzaddikim and Gedolim that HKB"H implanted for us in every generation.  And to their voices and to their warnings we turn, knowing that all the words of the prophets are true.  As we already brought down at length (Peninim Newsletter, Parshat Emor) the words of the Kohen Gadol, the holy Ga'on, the author of the Hafetz Hayim ZY"A, that at the End of Days before Mashiah comes, HKB"H will send us the Gedolei Hador who will be in place of the prophets that we had in the past, and they will announce to us that Mashiah Tzidkeinu is about to redeem us in order that we will be able to prepare ourselves properly and we will be fit to be redeemed with kindness and mercy.

And we are standing and reiterating:  All the words that we brought down here in the past 2 weeks from the mouths of Gedolim and Tzaddikim are completely true - the words were brought down with the names of the men who heard this from Gedolei Yisrael and the hidden Tzaddikim, and this is in order to remove slander.  (And I personally merited to hear awesome things that when I receive permission, I will be able to publicize them for the benefit of Am Yisrael.)  And we are only obligated to continue strengthening ourselves and to connect to the Creator of the world by way of acceptance of the yoke of His Kingdom.  And in so doing, we will merit to be saved with kindness and mercy via open miracles speedily in our days, Amen Ve'Amen!
Rav Berger continues in his newsletter promoting the idea of everyone saying Keri'at Shema, which contains the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven and complete submission to His will, as a merit to be saved in the upcoming Redemption.  He brings a proof from the Bnei Yissaschar, who says that the way to be merit Redemption and not be caught up in the plague at the End of Days is to completely submit (with true Mesirut Nefesh) with a complete heart to Hashem in Keri'at Shema and prayer.

[YY - This idea of having secular people recite Keri'at Shema to bring Mashiah is eerily similar to Rav Ovadia Yosef ZT"L's famous dream.]


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